Ahalya (Manmarziyan) FF Part 1


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Part 1

IPS Radhika Mishra knocked & entered into the cabin of DCP K.Rahim. She saluted him. Radhika knew him from her training days. He was the Head of Training Academy during the time of Radhika’s batch. Radhika noticed another young man in the cabin.DCP K. Rahim introduced him to Radhika.
DCP.K.Rahim- Radhika, he is Inspector Neil Malhotra, a very promising Officer in our Crime Branch & Neil, she is IPS Radhika Mishra.
Neil politely greeted her. “Hello mam”.
Radhika- Hello Officer, Its nice to meet you.(They did a handshake).
Radhika sat in the chair & asked DCP K. Rahim.
Radhika- Sir, Why I was told to join here in so much hurry? What the Emergency?
DCP Rahim- I know Radhika, You were investigating a murder case in Chandigarh. But I urgently need you here, afterall you are one among the few Officers who can handle blind cases perfectly.
DCP Rahim- Radhika,we recovered a dead-body of a foreigner lady from a small hotel of Shimla. We are unable to find any identification. As the lady was a foreigner, Crime Branch was handling the case from the beginning with top priority. We got first shocking information from Ministry of External Affairs, that this lady came in India with fake identity. After that, Neil checked the database of Interpol with the help of CBI & we found the dead lady in Interpol’s most wanted list. She was a part of an International Smuggling Organization. She had many identities in different countries. But the most striking thing is, she was shot dead here & the weapon used is katta & also according to Post-mortem report, she had s*x with someone just before her death.
Neil- We tried to find out that man who was with her that night, but we failed to get any clue. Hotel staff said, no-one was with her, she came back alone & after that also, no-one came to meet with her. We cant even verified their statement, as it was a small hotel & no CCTV was installed there.
DCP Rahim- Now, Radhika, you can understand the seriousness of the situation. Its very important to know what’s going on here?? I strongly suspect, this is not just a plain murder case.I can smell a big conspiracy. So, I want you handle the case, but secretly. You will only report me the progress & Neil will accompany you. Thats it, no one else.
Radhika- Yes Sir.
DCP Rahim handed her the case files & wished her luck. Radhika & Neil both saluted the DCP & left from the cabin.

Samaira was laying in the bed & looking at her husband Arjun, who was sleeping beside her facing his back towards her. Her eyes are full with passion. After some minutes of hesitation, Samaira put her hand on his back above the blanket & also put the leg on him. Arjun was awake,pressed his lips & tightly clutched the bed-sheet. Samaira slowly got up & came near Arjun. Her warm breath hit his face But Arjun roughly pushed Samaira & got up from the bed. Without looking at her, he simply left the bedroom.Samaira sat their for some time like a statue. Tears escaped from her eyes.She too got up from the bed & violently threw almost all things of bedroom.
Arjun entered his study room & closed the door. He was breathing heavily.He banged his hand on the table.” I hate You Samaira, I Hate You.”Some flashes of past came infront of her eyes.
“Arjun, are you sure? You want to marry Samaira Khanna??” Nandini Pandey, His Senior & also his friend asked him in a surprise tone.
“Yes, Nandu. I know, its hard to believe but I fall in love with her at first sight.”
“Yes, its hard to believe, a scientist is talking about falling in love with first sight. She is an actress, she belongs to a completely different world. …………”
“Opposite Attracts Nandu. Anyway, Soon we are getting married. First, I am Inviting You”
Nandini gave Arjun a forced smile but remained slient.
After 6 months of marriage,
Samaira angrily threw the comb in the mirror.
Samaira- How dare you Arjun to say these things to me? Deepak is my co-actor, who is working opposite me.Thats it, nothing more. You have no idea how much hectic the daily soaps schedule are? After working hard for years, I got the lead role of the Show. Now, its already popular. I am very busy & now I am tired. So, please stop your bakwaas & let me sleep.
Samaira (After Sometimes) – By the way Arjun, I thought you are a very understanding person, who will support me everytime. Arjun, it is always my dream to be a actress & Now, my career is going smoothly. I want you with me. Please. I only love you. You are my life Arjun. ( Samaira lightly kissed his cheeks.Arjun said sorry in a low voice)
After some months,
Arjun was fuming with anger. He was holding some intimate pictures of Samaira & Deepak. He burnt all the pictures. Arjun angrily started searching the number of his lawyer.He want Divorce from Samaira. But suddenly he stopped. “If I give him divorce, after that she will definitely marry Deepak & enjoy her time. What about me?? You blo*dy cheat. I am not going to leave you that easily.You have to pay a big price Samaira.
Arjun started staying most of the time in Research lab & maintaining distance with Samaira. But what about his physical need? At First, he thought of pr*stitutes, then dropped the idea. He had s*x with Samaira only to satisfy his physical desire. But always used con**ms.After years, her show ended. After that, she was not getting lead roles offer & she rejected all the offers of side roles. She started spending most the times in home & she expressed her wish to Arjun that she want a baby. But Arjun in his mind “ I don’t want any baby with you”. After spending nights with Samaira, Arjun carefully gave her Contraceptive Pills without her knowledge. Samaira blindly used to trust Arjun. After sometime, Arjun totally detached himself to her. But still today, her touch increase all his desires.

Two bodies rolled on the bed. The girl’s moaned filled the rooms. He was kissing her all over the body. After sometime, he was lying next to her, both completely exhausted.
“Now, I am sure, You are my Jishnu.Your face changed, you changed your style, but you are the same in the bed.”- the girl whispered in Jishnu’s ear.
Jishnu- Jishnu is dead, Bonnie. Now, Its Arjun Mehra with You.
Bonnie- Then, Why are you here?? I don’t know any Arjun Mehra.
Jishnu (smirked)- Dhoka to tub hi kha gaayi thi Bonnie?? ( Holding her hairs tightly) You demanded money from me??
Bonnie too hold his neck. “Free service was only available for my Jishnu. But this face of your is more handsome than previous. You look Hot.”
Jishnu more tightly hold her hairs. Bonnie kissed him & asked.” You took this face only for money?? You destroy your identity just for money?”
Jishnu started laughing. “ I have a big plan Bonnie & I don’t care about blo*dy identity issues. What the identity of Jishnu?? A contract killer?? Police will encounter me any day if I sincerely care about my identity.”
Bonnie- What big Plan Jishnu???
Jishnu looked at her. “ My plan is quite complicated & I afraid, your small brain may not able to digest it completely. But let me tell you clearly, don’t call me Jishnu anymore, Jishnu is dead. Now,I am Arjun Mehra. But I promise Bonnie, You will remain the only lady of my life.”
Bonnie tightly hugged him. But he only smirked & rubbed his nose on her shoulder.

Finally Updated. Waiting for responses.Warning, not a usual love story, but its a story of betray & deceive. Two Intelligent minds, one is fighting for truth, another is a devil.Lets see. Who win.

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  1. Sammy

    Really today is my luckiset day of this month..first updates from farha ..then from gauri di dpo …and finally from my fav writer And my fav ff ahalya ..amazing update I like aham sharma character ..he is perfect for this role …wao man now iam getting greedy badly want your update right now ..I mean next chappy ..pls update it soon 🙂 🙂

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Sammy for ur lovely comment. I am glad that U liked it. So, U liked Aham’s character here?? He is in negative role. Hope you able to accept him till the end. How is Radhika?? Hope all fans of her likes her character?? Next part coming soon. Thanks again.

  2. Brin

    Story is very, very interesting, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Brin for ur lovely comment. I am glad that U liked it. Next part, coming soon.

  3. Shravanrishi

    A very different story line and really impressive. Amazing episode

    1. Madhumita

      Welcome to Ahalya thread & a big thanks Shravanrishi for your lovely comment. I am glad that U liked it.

  4. Suga

    totally diffi 🙂 its really superbbbbbbbb dear loved it 🙂

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Suga for ur lovely comment. I am glad that U liked it.

  5. interesting story…like a crime book……awesome episode.thirlling eagerly waiting next one.tc

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Subha for ur lovely comment. I am glad that U liked it. Next part coming soon.

  6. Finally u updated. Am giving u a standing ovation Madhu amazing update, amazingly narrated. ??? I think this is becoming my fav ff from all the ff u write. Keep rocking. Stay blessed ???

    1. Madhumita

      ohh Gianna, I dont know what to say. A big Thank You for your lovely comment. I am very Happy. But Standing Ovation, its too early dear. Its just the first part. Wait till the end.Thanks again. I really hope that U liked all the characters here. Keep Smiling & Loads of Love.

  7. awesome

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Priya. Glad that U liked.

  8. Loved your concept unique different but really very nice

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Apra. I am glad & also relieved to see that people liking it.

  9. Wow really its different nd amazing

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      Thanks Sana. I am glad that U liked it.

  10. Awesome 🙂

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      Thanks Gauri.

  11. Sweetie

    I totally loved the episode.. 🙂 Stay blessed and keep smiling dear.. 😀

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      Thanks Sweetie. I am glad that U liked the part. Loads of Love & Keep Smiling dear.

  12. loved it dr…superb

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      Thanks Ritu. I am glad that U liked it.

  13. Mindblowing 🙂

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      Thanks Dear. I am glad that U liked it.

  14. wow madhumita osm update its different n very interesting plz update soon

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Amita. I am glad that U liked it. Next Part, coming soon.

  15. Jessie

    Finally..the wait is over… and it’s superb.. honestly.. dint expect it wud be this different..Arjun is this negative!!! . and curious 4 next chappy… waiting 4 jishnu-sam meeting..

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Jessie for your lovely comment. I am glad that U liked it. Yes, here Aham is that much negative. Its just the Start. More coming up. Next part also coming soon.

  16. Jessie

    When will u update chakravyuh?!

    1. Madhumita

      Will Update Chakrabyuh soon.

  17. Awesome, marvellous episode madhumita. ….so sorry for late comment. …I waited soo loooong for this update. …loved it very very much. ..very interesting n amazingggg story…keep it up honeyyy. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂

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