Agreement of love (raglak) Epi-9

Let’s begin
The game continues
The bottle is spun and it stops on Viren and uttara
Uttara:so Bhai truth or dare
Uttara:ummm so tell me did love any girl but she rejected you and if yes then who was the girl
Viren:well frankly yes I loved a girl and she rejected me and the girl was ragini your ragini bhabhi
Note:(kavya went to her home unwilling as Laksh asked her to go)
Everyone were shocked and Laksh was very angry on Viren because he loved his ragini wait what he thought his ragini and was a little happy also because ragini didn’t accept his love
Swara:really Viren ,ragini you never told me about this
Saying this she pout and everyone laughed
Parineeta:come on let’s resume the game
This time the bottle stops on Laksh and ragini
There was an awkward silence but Laksh broke the silence
Laksh :so ragini what will you choose
Laksh:so why you rejected Viren
Ragini:because I never thought about him like this and that time I was a very reserved girl who does what her family wants her to do
Then again the bottle is spun and it stops on Sanskar and Viren Sanskar:truth or dare
Sanskar:do you still love ragini
Viren:actually it was very difficult for me to forget her but now I have moved on and I love a girl now
Ragini:wow Viren I’m very happy for you
Then the game continues and everyone gets tired and goes to sleep
In raglak room
Ragini went and slept on the couch while Laksh was tossing on the bed from one side to another he was thinking about Viren words then he went towards sleeping ragini and sat beside her
Laksh:I don’t know why I feel bad when see you with Viren I don’t know if I love you but I care for you I’m sorry ragini I never wanted to hurt you but I had to otherwise they would have have killed you I’m sorry ragini I’m really sorry

Precap:truth revealed

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