Agreement of love (raglak) Epi-8

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Lets begin
Virat:omg ragini you married I can’t believe my ears ragu oops sorry I forgot only Bhai can call you ragu right
Ap:it’s very good that you all know each other so well
Ragini:viru virat I am so delighted to meet you both after three years and the question of marriage then it’s only an agreement of three months after that nothing
Viren:why ragu what happen ragu
Ragini:viru you came just now take rest I will tell you after ward’s
She tried to avoid the situation
Then kavya came to the hall
Kavya:oh so family melodrama is going on carry on
Virat:who is this mamaji
Kavya:I am your would be bhabhi I mean Laksh would be wife
Viren and virat were confused but didn’t ask anything
Ap:Viren virat beta you freshen up and then attend the function go

After sometime both come down for the function in sherwani and both were looking very handsome
Ragini announces :so now the last performance all the couple’s pls rock the floor
Then swasan parish and some couples are dancing on the song soch ma sake
Between the dance kavya asks Laksh for dance
Laksh:no kavya I’m not in mood
But kavya doesn’t listen to him and drags him to the dance floor and Laksh reluctantly dances with her
Then Viren asks ragini for a dance and she happily agrees
Laksh is seeing all this
Ragini and Viren dance beautifully and Laksh is burning with jealousy
He is feeling to punch Viren but can’t do it because Viren is his cousin
But laksh doesn’t know why he is feeling like this

After the dance all the guests go
Ap:come Viren virat I will show you your room
Viren:mamiji if you don’t mind can ragini show us our room actually we want to talk a lot with her
Virat:and mamiji let Swara bhabhi also stay her tonight we youngsters will have fun pls pls
Ap:ok ok shekarji sharmishta ji if you don’t mind can Swara stay here
Shekar:yes it’s ok we don’t have any problem
Ragini:come viru virat I will show you your room
Then all the youngsters went to Viren and virats room
Note:kavya went to her home as Laksh told her to go first she didn’t agree but later she agrees
Here in virens room ragini told them everything what she did with Laksh and what Laksh did with her
Hearing all this both were shocked and angry at Laksh
They consoled ragini who was now sobbing a little but composed herself when there was a knock on the door she opened the door and all youngsters came in seeing Laksh Viren and virat were very angry but ragini signaled them not to react so they kept quite

Sanskar:so bro what are we going to do
Swara:let’s play truth or dare
Pari:yes nice idea Swara
All agreed for it and they started
They skinned the bottle and it stopped on aadarsh and Swara
Swara:so aadarsh bhaiya truth or dare
Swara:ok so tell me what quality of aprineeta bhabhi you like the most
Adarsh:I like paroneetas truthfulness
Everyone :ohhhhh
Parineeta blushes
That it’s for today

Precap:truth and dare

Credit to: Sumi


  1. Sumi

    Thank you lovely chhahat megha ruhani piya ankita ammy sanchami any and dafsi for your comments and I can’t update for 1or 2 days because telly updates is not taking new articles

  2. Fari

    Please make the updates longer as it’s so fun and enjoyable to read your ff. Eagerly waiting the next update. Also please show some cute moments between Ragini and Viren 🙂

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