Agreement of love (raglak) Epi-7

Let’s begin
A waiter was coming towards raglak and kavya with a tray of juice
Kavya took a glass from the tray and threw it in ragini’s dress

Ragini:what the hell kavya you spoiled my dress urghh

Kavya:stay away from my lucky or else this will happen daily
Saying this kavya goes from there
Laksh:ragini I’m sorry on behalf of kavya.
Ragini:see Laksh whatever you or kavya do I don’t care about it because after three months we will have only one relation and that is you will be my sister’s devar and I will be your brothers sister in law that’s it
Saying this she also went leaving Laksh shocked because of her statement
After sometime some ladies were applying mehendi on ragini’s hand and one lady asked her
Lady:what is your husband’s name by writing it live increases between husband and wife
Laksh was listening to all this and was waiting for ragini’s reply
Ragini:sorry aunty but I don’t want to writ any name on my mehendi pls
Lady:it’s okay beta your choice
Then two boys enter mm
Dp and ap see them and go to them to welcome them
Dp :Viren beta virat beta how are you and how is my sister asha and brother in law raj
Yup guys they are Viren and virat the new entries
(Note:Viren and virat are Dp’s sister’s sons )
Viren:mamaji mom and dad are fine and I am very happy because I am visiting India after three years
Virat:hi mamaji hi mamiji we missed you all so much in these three years
Ap:we also missed you all a lot virat beta
Then Dp calls all the family members and gadodias for meeting them
Ap introduces Swara and gadodias to Viren and virat and vise versa
Just then ragini comes from back she can see only the backside of the boys
Ragini:ma you called me actually some idiot spoiled my dress Soviet went to clean it
Ap:yes ragini beta actually I wanted to introduce you to my sister in laws sons
Then ragini turns to the boys side and is shocked to see both the boys and the boys are also shocked to see her tears are flowing from the trio’s eyes everyone were confused as to what happened
And to everyone’s shock ragini Viren and virat hugged each other and were crying
Finally Swara broke the silence saying
Swara:ragini you know them
Hearing Swara voice the trio broke the hug and wiped their tears and told
Ragini:yes Swara we know each other we studied in the same school and we were best friends especially me and Viren because we are of same age Viren and virat were the only boys who were my friends we shared everything and we spend lots of time together
Virat :yes Swara bhabhi and Bhai and ragini were so close friends that everyone who knew them thought that they were in a relationship
Listening virats these these words Laksh was fuming in anger and ofcource jealousy he thought that someone has snatched his life from him
His thought were disturbed my Viren
Viren:but ragu what are you doing here
Ragini:won actually Swara is my sister so
She was cut by Laksh
Laksh:and she is my wife so thts why she is here
Virat:what you married ragini I can’t belive my ears ragu oops sorry I forgot only Bhai has the right of calling you ragu right
So thts it for today

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