Agreement of love (raglak) Epi-3

So let’s begin. Same night swaragini room. Swara:ragini are you alright. Ragini:don’t worry swara I am fine and I am going to sleep you also sleep good night. Swara:good night. In gadodias hall. Dadi:Swara did ragini sleep is she okay. Swara :yes Dadi she is fine and she slept. Dadi:I will not leave that laksh how could he do this to my laado shekar:ma I know that he did wrong but now we should look after ragini sumi,:yes ma shekar is telling right ragini is showing us as if nothing happened but we no na that how much she is hurt. Next morning gadodia house 9:15am. Ragini:ma I am going to court Swara:wait ragini I and baba are coming. Ragini:it’s ok swara and baba you both don’t I will mannage. Simi:but ragini beta. Ragini:pls ma. Ragini face was full of determination. At family court 9:50am. Mr Mehta (lawyer):Mr and Mrs maheswari come in. Raglak went in. Scene shifts to mm. Ap:sujata I am very tensed for ragini. Suji:I am also tensed whatever laksh did to her was very wrong. Paris:mummyji no one had their breakfast everyone are very sad dp:ap I am ashamed of laksh chi. After sometime gadodia family arrives at mm. Ap sees them. Ap:parineeta being tea. Dadi:no no ap hi it’s ok we came to tell that pandit ji has fixed swans marriage date after one week is it ok and Swara wants simple marriage. Dp:ji ji kakisa it’s fine marriage will happen after one week only and it will include only close relatives. Just then raglan enter the hall. Shekar:what happened laado everything is fine no. Ragini:no papa nothing is fine I have to stay with this idiot laksh for three months. Dp:why what happened in the court ragini. Laksh:I will tell papa. Flashback shows.judge saying. Judge:Mr and Mrs maheshwari your marriage has not even completed one year so you both have to stay with each other for three then only you can apply for divorce. Raglak:what is there no other way. Raglan look at each other ragini with moist eyes and laksh with irritating eyes. Note:till now laksh is not repenting but soon he will regret very badly. Flashback ends. Dp:ragini beta I asked you why this man is answering. Dadi:no no laado no need to stay with this person. Ragini:it’s okay dadima it’s only matter of three months and then I will be free from this unwanted person and relationship. Shekar:but ragini what is the need of staying with him. Ragini:don’t worry papa it’s just an agreement of three months so don’t worry and yes laksh bear with me for three months then you can live your life with your kavya baby she said sarcastically. Sumi:ragini I will send your clothes after going home okay and yes swasan marriage date is fixed after one week. Ragini:wow Swara and sanskar congrats. Saying this ragini hugs swara and Swara responds to her hug. Swasan(happily):thankyoy so much ragini. Laksk:congrats Bhai congrats Swara. Swasan (not intrested):thanks laksh. Laksh was sad because of his families behaviour but let it go for time being. So this episode ends here. Guys pls comment if you want me continue its a request.

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  1. yashasvi ( yashu )

    woww sumi it’s nice can i get previous links,…???

  2. simply awesome, i love this strong ragini. u have written this part beautifully.

  3. super, make it long

  4. It was dear
    Waiting for the next one…….

  5. raglak (fouz arshi)


  6. Awesome episode dear and waiting for next episode

  7. Super Pls update next part soon

  8. It’s really awesome. Waiting eagerly for next episode ☺

  9. interesting.. let’s see what happens in 3 months..

  10. Nice

  11. As I said it was awesome. ……and show like I suggested in previous epi…’s just a suggestion no force…bdw epi was lovely..I mean my teja aka ragini was outstanding. ..

  12. Teja is very bold here unlike in serial that’s really awsmeeeeeeee

  13. Awsmmmmm. I never thought about this

  14. Thanks for the lovely comments and sorry yashasvi I am using mobile So I cannot give previous links

  15. Awesome.. now tge agreement strt .. nd ragini is bold here… thts the best part

  16. Awesome episode u rocked dr

  17. Awesome. Loved ragini’s character bold n confident. Wating for the next update

  18. Wow u rocked it nw this contract marriage is gonna be so much fun

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