Agreement of love (raglak) Epi-20


Omg guys I can’t believe that I am writing the 20th chappy of my ff when I was starting this ff I thought that I will not get good response but I’m very happy because I got overwhelming comments from my lovely readers
But at the same time I’m sad because it’s my last chappy but no worries brcuse I’ll soon come back with a new swaragini ff
Btw I’m writing a ff on ishra
Ishra-you are my life
So pls if there are any ishra fans then pls read my ff and comment
So now enough of my bak bak let’s stat

Almost 3 months past after raglak and swasan marriage everything was going smoothly the lovebirds love was increasing day by day
One fine morning in mm
Swaragini ap Suji and Paris were cooking breakfast in the kitchen
Suddenly Swara fell unconscious everyone were shocked ragini screamed
Ragini:Sanskar Laksh come fast swara fell unconscious
Sanskar and all the gents came to the kitchen
Sanskar picked Swara In his arms and took her
to their room
Sanskar:lucky call the doctor
Laksh goes and calls the doctor
Everyone is standing outside Swara room
suddenly ragini also fell unconscious
Everyone panicked Laksh took her to their room in his arms and made lay on the bed
Laksh was sitting beside ragini and he was very much tensed
The doctor came ot of swasan room and told
Doctor:congratulations.Mr maheshwari you are going to become father Swara is pregnant

Everyone were delighted to know this
Ap:doctor my daughter in law ragini also is unconscious pls check her
Suji:congratulations Sanskar beta she blesses him everyone blessing him and congratulate him Swara regains consciousness si Sanskar goes to her while others go towards ragini room
Doctor comes out of raglak room
Doctor:congratulations Mr maheshwari you are going to become father I must you say ap ji you are very lucky your both daughter in law are going to make you Dadi
Everyone are very happy they rejoice this moment
Raglak room
Ragini gains consciousness

Laksh:thank you so much ragini for giving me the world best
Ragini(confused):what are you telling Laksh
Laksh:ragini we are going to become parents
Ragini becomes very happy both raglak hugged each other
After nine months
Both sanlak were outside the operation theatre
And they were very tensed
Whole maheshwari and gadodia family was present there
They here a baby crying
Two nurse come with baby in their hand
Nurse1:congratulations Mr Laksh maheswari it’s a girl
Nurse2:congratulations Mr Sanskar maheshwari
it’s a boy

Everyone were very happy sanlak go in swragini room respectively
Laksh looks at both his princesses
Ragini is looking at the baby
Laksh:she is very beautiful just like her mother right
Ragini:Laksh you know I always wanted a daughter
Laksh:same here
After some days name ceremony was there
Ap:now children maasi will tell the name of the
child in his/her ears three times
Swragini go to each others baby
And tell the name in the baby ears three times
Ap:what name you have
Suji:very nice name
After sometime everyone went to their room
Raglak room
Ragini was making riya sleep Laksh came
Laksh:oh my queen is making my princess sleep
Ragini:yes but papa’s princess is not ready to sleep
Laksh takes riya in his lap and makes her sleep ragini riya and Laksh have a sweet moment

A leap of ten years is shown
Raglak are now blessed with a son names kartik who is four yrs old
And swasan have a daughter Sara who is three yes old
Ragini is running in mm
Ragini:kartik riya pls drink the milk
Kariya:no way
And Laksh comes there
Laksh:princess champ why you are running drink your milk like good children
Kariya:ok papa
Ragini:achaji I tell thousands time also you both will not listen but when Laksh tells you both agree so easily you both don’t love your mumma na (she said with fake anger)
Kariya hugged her
Kariya :we love you mumma sorry
Ragini vents down and kisses both of them on their cheeks
They run to play
Laksh:so you are jealous of me because kariya love me more
Ragini:no way because I k ow kariya love both of us equally raglak go in their room
Laksh back hugs ragini
Ragini:what are you doing Laksh kariya will come anytime
Laksh:so what you are my wife
Ragini:you know what Laksh I never imagined that my life will be so beautiful I got a understanding husband and loving children that agreement what we made is for me agreement of love
Laksh:yes ragini it was agreement of love

The end

Credit to: Sumi

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  1. Varsha

    It ws awsm bt I dnt knw wat to say bcoz u r endin it Sad….

    1. Thabkyou varsha di

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    oh sweet .

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  4. Ruhani

    Aww superb ending dr.. It indeed was a wonderful ff.. Will miss u..

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  5. Megha123

    Awsm part loved raglak too much ❤ ❤ ❤
    & will miss you so badly ????
    The ending was sooperb really ???
    Do come with another ff for sure ???
    I’ll just wait for it ☺☺☺

    1. Thanks megha di and I’ll also miss you

    2. And I’ll surely come with another ff

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  6. Awww it was a really nice ending Sumi. RagLak as parents were cute ❤️❤️. Thank you so much for writing this FF, I really enjoyed reading it xx

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    Awesome……Gone miss you and this ff… Come back soon…love you stay bless…….

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    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Lovely epi DEAR
    Lovely end too
    Come back with another ff
    Will miss u a lot DEAR……………

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