Agreement of love (raglak) Epi-2


Precap:ap asking ragini why she called everyone down. The episode begins. Ragini :ma I have made a decision and I wanted to tell you all about it. Suji:now what decision this chori made. Ap: sujata be quite.ragini you tell what decision you made. Just then a man in his 40s enters the house and gives some papers to ragini. Ragini:after seeing these papers you all will know my decision. Ragini gives some papers to dp and some papers to laksh. After seeing those papers dp and laksh were shocked ap:what happened ji why are you not telling anything laksh tell something. Dp:ap these are property papers ragini named all the property on my name. Suji:what are you telling bhaisa ragini are you alright. Ap signals suji to be quite. Laksh:ragini what is this you are giving me divorce why. Ragini:why are you shocked laksh you also wanted this only no and now you can go to your kavya baby and marry her right. Laksh(shocked):how you know about her I mean ragini :you mean what laksh what you wanted to destroy my life humiliate me in front of everyone am I right. Dp: what is going on laksh ragini what is this. Ragini tells them everything what she heard laksh talking while saying this she was sobbing. Everyone were looking at laksh with disgust in their eyes and just shekar gave a tight slap to laksh all were shocked. Shekar:how dare you play with my daughters feelings. Laksh:excuse me Mr shekar gadodia you are telling that I played with your daughter feeling then what she did she also played with my feelings tried to kill her own sister because of her so called selfish love tauchered my family and treated them like servants in their own house and blackmailed my father and what I did wig her is nothing in front of crimes she has done. And there is a loud noise and this swara has slapped laksh. Swara:how dare you laksh how could you do this to ragini she loves you like anything and you are cheating her I agree that she have done many mistakes but she is regretting no so why you did this to her Mr laksh maheshwari why. Ap:laksh after what what you have done I am ashamed to call you my son. During all this ragini was standing there with tears flowing down her eyes. Then the man tells. Man:Mr and Mrs maheshwari you have to come tomorrow to court at 10am. Ragini:yes Mr Mehta I will be there Dadi:laado why court. Ragini :dadima I and laksh have to go to court because tomorrow our divorce case first hearing is there. Dadi :but laado. Ragini:pls dadima not this time and yes swasans marriage will be held at the given date. Shekar:as you wish ragini and I hope sanskar that you will keep swara happy. Sanskar:yes baba. Ragini (determined):see you tomorrow at the court laksh
Then the gadodia family along with swaragini leave. The episode ends. Guys pls comment your comments are very precious

Credit to: Sumi

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  1. i can only expect this from laksh. he is so confused and self centered guy.

  2. Awesome one
    U nailed it…

  3. raglak (fouz arshi)

    bold ragini.cvs should show smthng like yhis rather that than kavya crap

  4. Awesome

  5. Nice

  6. Wooooooo laksh got 2 slapssss…. hahahaha :D… feelng sry for u laksh bt dats for makng ma ragini cry…..n diz iz amazng episode yaar…wtng for ur nxt update…happy to seee bold ragini….love ragini a lotzzzz…..loved ur ff sooooo much….

  7. Loved it……but male lakshmi regret fr his mistake and show like dere was a reason behind ragini turning bad….and she was forced by some one 2 humiliate da family. ………I mean she was blackmailed. ….bdw epi was awesome ….???

  8. Wanted to see this type in serial anyways no problem u r really awesome

  9. Awesome but plz don’t separate raglak

  10. Awesome

  11. Awesome dr ragini is bold n i lyk it

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