Agreement of love (raglak) Epi-19


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So let’s begin

Next morning swaragini room
Swragini wakes up and has their breakfast
After that they went to temple to seek blessing
In the temple swara gets Sanskar call and ragini sees it and teases her
Ragini:oh ho so it’s my jiju’s call ha I think he’s very desperate to meet you
Swara blushes
Ragini:oh ho someone is blushing haan
Swara sees at the entrance of the temple and says
Swara:ragini I think that Laksh is very desperate to meet you so he is able to wait till evening right that’s why he came here see
And she points to Laksh who is entering the temple
Ragini blushes
Laksh comes to ragini
Swara:arre arre devarji you are not allowed to meet ragini before marriage so bye bye
Swara teases him
Laksh:pls Swara only for two minutes pls
After sometime Swara agreed and left them alone for sometime
Ragini:Laksh what are you doing here
Laksh :I came to see my beautiful wife blushing
Ragini again blushes
Laksh:ok ragini now close your eyes
Laksh:no question close your eyes
And she closes her eyes
Laksh:now you can open your eyes
Ragini gets very happy on seeing a beautiful bracelet on her hand
Ragini:woww Laksh this is so beautiful I love it
Laksh:I’m glad you liked it
Swara comes there
Swara:I’m so sorry to disturb you both but ragini we have to leave for home Dadi is calling
Raglak bid bye to each other and went to their respective houses

In the evening
The baadi was decorated beautifully
The guest were arriving and Dp shekar and rp were welcoming them
After sometime the priest tells to call the bride’s
Sanlak were sitting on their respective place
Sumi brings swaragini to the mandap
Sanlak are mesmerized to see swaragini
Swsragini sat besides their respective bridegroom
Shekar and sumi did their kanyadaan
They took the seven vows
Sanlak filled swragini hairline with sindoor and made them wear mangalsutra
The priest announced that they are married
Swasan and raglak took elders blessings
Then it was the time of bidaai
Swsragini hugged their parents and grandparents and cried
Then they left for mm

In mm swaragini’s grahpravesh was done
After sometime Laksh went towards his room Laksh was about to enter the room but Uttara and oarineeta stopped him
Parineeta:Arre devwrji you can’t enter like this
Uttar a:matlab this bhaiya that you have to give us nake
Laksh:ok how much you want
Parineeta:20 thousand for me and 20 thousand for Uttar a
Uttara:yes give otherwise we’ll not let you enter
Laksh gives them money and enters the room
Laksh saw ragini sitting in middle of the bed he went near her and removed her veil from her face
Ragini was blushing hard
Laksh:you know why’s ragini you look very cute while blushing
Ragini smiled

Then Laksh made her lay down on the bed he looked into her eyes for permission
Ragini closed her eyes and Laksh took it as a positive response
He then kissed her neck and touched her bare belly
His touch made her shiver
Then Laksh removed his sherwani
He proceeded towards ragini and kissed her forehead the cheek and finally her lips
The liplock continued for almost a minute
Then they broke the kiss Laksh touched raginis bare back sensously they kissed each other and now ragini and Laksh were complete

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Credit to: Sumi

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