Agreement of love (raglak) Epi-17


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So let’s see who is the mystery man
So the mystery man is

You have to read the chapter for knowing this
Let’s begin
Ragini:pls don’t do anything to Laksh what I did pls tell me but don’t do anything to him
Ragini pleaded and she was crying
Person:but why are crying for that man who doesn’t even respect your love for him
Ragini:I don’t care what he feels but the truth is that I have always loved Laksh and will always love him only
She said while crying
Person:I love you too ragini
And the lights on
Everywhere it is looking beautiful the garden was decorated with red roses and it had a photo of raglak marriage in the center
Note:(guys person has booked the garden so no one I’d there )

Ragini(shocked):Laksh you
Yes guys you were right its Laksh
Laksh:yes ragini it’s me
Ragini goes and hugs him tightly
Ragini:Laksh what all this and why you did this
Laksh:ragini I want to tell you something very important I told it to you right now but you didn’t pay attention to it so I’m telling it once again
Saying this Laksh bend on his knees and Said
Laksh:ragini you know when I got to know the truth that you did all that with Swara I was broken
Ragini was crying because Laksh was telling all this
Laksh:ragini pls don’t cry let me tell you something yes that time I was broken I thought it’s because I loved Swara and wanted to marry her but now I realized that I was wrong I was broken because I lost a best friend and the love of my life
Ragini(confused ):Laksh what are you telling
Laksh:yes ragini it’s the truth I love you and I really do this time I’m telling this to you without any pressure on me I know I’m not worthy of your love but pls accept my love pls
Ragini couldn’t understand anything weather to be happy or not

After sometime when she realized what had just happened her happiness knew no bounds
Ragini:Laksh I’m so happy but
Laksh:but what ragini don’t you love me
Ragini:no no it’s not like that Laksh it’s just that are you sure you are really doing all this without any reason
Laksh:yes ragini this time no one is forcing me I truly love you
Ragini:I love you too Laksh
Saying this raglak hugged each other and their hug lasted for a long time
After sometime ragini broke the hug and was smiling
Laksh:ragini you know I love you soo much
Ragini:but I love you more
Saying this she smiles

Ragini:Laksh what about the agreement
Laksh:it’s over ragini and now we are together
Raglak reached mm and went to their room
Laksh took ragini to the bed in bridal style
He laid ragini on the bed and saw that ragini was nervous
Laksh:don’t worry ragini till you are not comfortable we will not go ahead in our relationship
Ragini:no Laksh it’s ok I’m ready and I’m all your
Laksh looked at ragini and she gave him an assuring look
Then Laksh kissed ragini lips first it was a gentle kiss but after sometime it became a hard one both raglak were enjoying the pleasure of their new found love
after sometime they broke the liplock
Then Laksh began to kiss ragini over her neck
Ragini also took part in this
She a also enjoyed Laksh taucher
That’s it for today

Precap:more romantic moments of raglak

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Credit to: Sumi

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