Agreement of love (raglak) Epi-16

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Lets begin
Next morning raglak room
Ragini gets up first and goes to washroom she comes after sometime wearing a pink anarkali
Ragini goes near Laksh
Ragini:Laksh get up you will get late for your meeting
Laksh:ragini let me sleep no
Ragini:Laksh pls get up you’ll be late
Laksh:2 minutes ragini let me sleep and you also sleep
Saying this he takes her hand and turns which results in ragini falling over Laksh (Laksh is in sleep so he doesn’t know why’s he is doing)
Due to sudden fall Laksh opens his eyes and get mesmerized seeing ragini over him struggling to get free from his hands
Ragini sees that Laksh got up and is staring at her
They have an intense eyelock
Then ragini breaks the eyelock and gets up from Laksh and says
Ragini:Laksh get ready you have an important meeting (she said without making eye contact)
Laksh goes to washroom and comes Bach after sometime
Laksh is mesmerized seeing ragini combing her hair she was looking beautiful Actually she was always beautiful but Laksh never noticed
Laksh:umm ragini you are looking beautiful

Laksh:are you going somewhere
Ragini:hmm today the boys family is coming to see me so I’m going to baadi
Laksh was feeling miserable
Laksh:so will you tell yes for the marriage
Ragini was very sad
Ragini:I have no option Laksh
Laksh:ofcouse you have option ragini if you don’t like or love the guy so tell no for this marriage
Ragini:no Laksh this time I will do what my family wants I will not be selfish this time last time when I loved someone I ruined many life’s so now I don’t want to that again
Laksh was very sad he was thinking how to tell ragini that he loves her lot but what to do
And yes an idea struck his mind
Ragini:bye Laksh I’m going to baadi

After sometime ragini reached baadi and saw that everyone was sad
Ragini:what happen maa
Sumi:ragini beta the boys family is not coming that boy is in love with someone else they said sorry
Ragini seeing the sad face of her family
Ragini:offo then why you all are sad am I that bad that I will not get any other boy
She said teary eyes
The family members thought that she was crying because of her the statement she herself told just now but the reason of her tears were sometinf else yes you right she was sad because she will go far from her love Laksh forever and ever
Dadi:no laada its nothing like that come have breakfast with us
Ragini:no dadima I’ll go now
Shekar:aree but why so early
Swara:haan ragini pls stay her for something no I want you help
Ragini:I’m sorry Swara but you know I have to collect my jewelry from the shop I had placed the order for a necklace
Swara:oh so my sweetheart sister is buying jewelry
Ragini:Swara I’m not buying for myself it’s a special gift for someone special
Swara:accused someone special hasn’t and who is that someone special and she started to tickle her and swargini were running in the whole house laughing and chasing each other
Dadi sumi and shekar were very happy seeing their daughters happy after much time
Finally swargini stopped both were breathing heavily
Ragini:ok Swara I’m telling you for whom I’m buying necklace

Ragini:it’s for you my dear sister your marriage gift the necklace which you liked that day but didn’t buy
Swara:thank you so much ragu
Ragini:your welcome now I must leave
Saying this ragini left after meeting her family
Ragini reached the jewelry shop
Ragini bought the nechlace and was going home when she received a call
Person:hi ragini how are you you must be thinking who I’m but no need to think you just think about your husband who is now in my custody
Ragini was scared now hearing that Laksh was with taut person
Ragini:who are you and why’s you have done with me
Person:nothing much but if you don’t to xyz garden today at 7 in the evening then I can do anything with you husband
And yes wear something nice and come
Ragini:ok I’ll come but don’t do anything to my Laksh
Person:good come come I’ll wait for you bye sweetheart
Saying this he cut the call
Ragini was horrified she quickly went to mm and then to her room
She thought that who can do this and why
In the evening ragini got ready in a beautiful pink and white Saree and went to xyz park
She reached the place and saw that it was dark everywhere
Ragini:anybody is there pls tell me where is Laksh pls
Person:ohh ragini I must say you love your husband a lot right that’s why you came five minutes early good good
Ragini:why you are doing this this pls don’t do this
Person:but why ragini you can do anything and I can’t harm your so called husband
That’s it for today

Precap:mystery person revealed Laksh confession and raglak romance

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So for knowing this pls read my ff

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  2. I think the person is laksh itself and waiting 4 raglak confesiön..plz next part soon

  3. Yes i agree with neha i too think that laksh is only the mistery man

  4. Yes i agree with neha i too think that laksh is only the mystery man

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    I think that the mystery man is laksh itself

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