Agreement of love (raglak) Epi-15

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So let’s begin
Ragini:I don’t believe that virat did this
Laksh:I also but we have to be sure and if he did this also then why
Ragini:we have to find out the truth as soon as possible
Laksh:yes but how
Ragini:umm let’s think
Laksh:lets spy on him to find out why he is doing all this
Ragini:yes ok good idea
Laksh:so let’s begin
Raglak decided to spy on him
Laksh went towards virats room and heard him talking on phone
Virat:yes I’m coming there you wait I’ve to finish this Laksh matter for once and all
Laksh heard all this and informed ragini and they both followed his car in their car

In the car
Ragini:Laksh I’m scared
Laksh :why ragini
Ragini:if our doubt on him will be wrong
Laksh:relax ragini we will get our answer today
Virat stopped his car in an isolated place
Ragini:why he came here
Laksh:lets see
Raglak came out of the car and followed virat they saw virat meeting someone
Virat:you know what kavya
Yes the person is kavya
Virat:I love ragini so much but she doesn’t even look at me with love she only loves that bl**dy Laksh
Kavya:hey don’t tell anything about my Laksh he is so innocent he is doing all this drama of betraying ragini just because you told him do
Virat:whatever but I wonder why Laksh is doing this he doesn’t love ragini then why

Raglak were shocked to listen virats confession kavrat heard some noise from Back and they were shocked to see raglak
Ragini came near virat and gave him a tight slap
Ragini:how dare you virat how could you do this me and to your cousin laksh
Virat:yes I did all this so what is the problem I loved you from so many years but you never played attention on me
Laksh:virat enough ragini come let’s go home we have to tell everyone about virat
Ragini:yes Laksh I don’t want to talk to him more
Saying this raglak sat In the car and drove to mm
Raglak entered mm and ragini shoute
Ragini:ma papaji chachaji chachiji where are you come down
Ap:what happen ragini why are you shouting
Ragini:ma I want to tell you all something very important
Just then gadodias enter
Ragini:ma I wanted to feel you all that Laksh Is innocent
And she narrates everything to them
Everyone was feeling guilty because they said many things to Laksh
Shekar:Laksh beta I’m sorry I shouldn’t hav slapped you that day
Laksh:no no uncle it is not your fault
Raj(virat father):I’m sorry raglak because of virat you’ll had to face so much
Ragini:no uncle pls don’t say sorry it’s not your mistake
Usha(virat mother):jiji now its time for our flight we shall leave
Everyone bid bye to them and they left
Ragini:thank you so much Laksh for what you

did for me and I’m realll sorry I did so bad with you bulky still you cared about me thank you
Laksh:it’s ok ragini font be sorry
Ragini:you are very good man Laksh
Dadi:yes Laksh laado is right
Ap:I’m sorry Laksh
Laksh:offo now everyone pls stop you sorry business
Everyone laughed at Laksh this statement
Them everyone went to their rooms
Raglak room.
Laksh enterd the room and saw ragini was crying
Laksh:what happened ragini why are you crying
Ragini:I’m sorry Laksh I’m sorry I DoD very bad with you I don’t deserve your goodness
Laksh:ragini pls don’t cry and don’t ever feel that you are bad got it
Ragini smiled at him
Just then they heard a knock on the door
Ragini opened the door to find Dadi shekar and sharmishta standing
Ragini:aree you all come in what happen
Dadi:laado actually we wanted to tell you something
Ragini:tell no dadima
Dadi:laado we have got an alliance for you the boy is very good his wife died aftr one year of their marriage
Laksh was distraught hearing this he felt as if someone stabbed his heart
Ragini looked at Laksh with teary eyes
Ragini:ok dadima I’m ready to meet the boy
Laksh:but ragini the agreement
Ragini:the marriage will be after the agreement is finished
Laksh was very sad but he doesn’t know why
Then the gadodias left for baadi as many preparations are left for swasan marriage

At night raglak room
Laksh:ragini why you agreed to this marriage I Mean you don’t love him
Ragini smiled sadly at him and told
Ragini:so what Laksh I achy be a burden on my family after the agreement is over I will have to Marry someone so what’s wrong in meeting the guy
Laksh :yes true
Raglak both went to sleep
Ragini fell asleep but Laksh was thinking something
Laksh(monologue):why is am feeling so bad when ragini told about her marriage am I in love with her no. No this can’t happen but then why I felt jealous when I saw her with Viren yes yes I am In love with her I am I’m love with my ragini yippeee

Preacp:Laksh confesses his love for ragini

Guys pls bear with me for more one two episodes and then this ff will end

Actually after this ff ends I’m planning to write another ff on swragini so pls tell should I write

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