Agreement of love (raglak) Epi-14

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So let’s begin
Next morning raglak room
Ragini woke up first and went to the washroom after sometime she came out and saw Laksh sitting on the bed thinking something
Ragini:good morning Laksh
Laksh:good morning
Ragini:what are you thinking
Laksh:umm I’m thinking that who can do this and why
Ragini:Laksh you go and fresh up we will think about it later
Saying this he went to washroom
Scene shifts to virats room
Virat(to himself ):I have to find out what happened last night between raglak but how yes I will ask ragini about it indirectly
And he smirks evily
Scene again shifts to raglak room
Laksh comes out of the washroom with a towel wrapped and his bare chest is visible
Ragini we in the room arranging the clothes and when she saw Laksh she screamed
He also shouts and both shout and then Laksh stops shouting and covers ragini’a mouth with his hand to stop her from shouting
Laksh and ragini were very close to each other and they had a romantic eyelock
After sometime ragini broke the eyelock
She said softly as Laksh was covering her mouth
Laksh:what happen ragini
Ragini shows him that his hand is covering her mouth
Laksh immediately took his hand out
Laksh:I’m sorry ragini and why were you screaming
Ragini :Laksh you you
Laksh:yes ragini me what
Ragini:Laksh you are not wearing you shirt
Laksh realized it and said
Laksh:I’m sorry ragini wait I will wear it right now
Saying this he grabbed one shirt from cupboard and wore it
Ragini:it’s ok Laksh and now stop saying sorry all the time and what you have done for me
Laksh:ragini pls now let it be
Ragini:hmm ok let’s think what to do how to bring the blackmailers face intront of all
Laksh:yes we have to do it as soon as possible
Saying he turned to the mirror and started combing his hair and ragini got busy in arranging the clothes
Just then virat comes and knocks the door
Virat:May I come in
Ragini:ofcouse virat
Virat comes in
Virat:actually Laksh I wanted to talk to you
Laksh:yes tell virat
Virat:Laksh actually I wanted some advice from you
Laksh:advice about what
Virat:actually my one friend is having some problem in his maritial life and he wants to give divorce to his wife but his wife is not ready for it so what’ is your opinion on this
Laksh:what advice will I give you I’m this matter
Virat:you will know about it because you also did this with ragini
Raglak look at each other
Virat smirks
Virat:oh I’m so sorry I shouldn’t habmve told this
Laksh:it’s ok virat you are telling What I did
Ragini was going to keep some thing in the cupboard but she slipped and Laksh held her
They had a sweet eyelock
Seeing this virat was furious
Virat:Laksh leave ragini
He shouted
Both raglak came into senses and were confused by virat behavior
Ragini:what happen virat why are you shouting
Virat:sorry actually I thought that Laksh will be getting late for office so
Laksh:its ok and thank you for reminding me I have a very important meeting to attend today
Saying this Laksh went to his office and ragini wnt to the kitchen
Virat:hmm I have to do something of this Laksh otherwise he will take my ragini away from me
On his way back at home Laksh got a phone call
Person(virat):so laksh I think you are forgetting the deal you have to make ragini feel that she is nothing for you then why did you save her from falling today
Laksh:pls don’t do anything I promise I will not break the deal
Viarat:good and be careful next time
In the night Laksh came home late he saw that everyone was sleeping
He quietly went to his room and saw that ragini was sleeping
He went to the washroom and came back and saw that there was a plate kept on the side table
He went and took the plate and saw that there is a chit he opened the chit and started reading
Laksh:Laksh pls eat your food don’t sleep without eating
Laksh looked at ragini with teary eyes and thought that how he not see her innocence and love for him
He ate the food and went to sleep
Next morning raglak room
Laksh wakes up and saw that ragini was not there in the room he went to the washroom and came back After sometime
He saw that ragini was waiting for him with a cup of tea
Ragini saw Laksh
Ragini:Laksh here take your tea
Laksh:ragini I want to tell you something
Ragini:yes tell
Laksh:I got the blackmailers call yesterday
And he knew what happened yesterday I mean he knew that I held you when you were going to fall
Ragini:what but how
Laksh:I also don’t know
Ragini:yesterday only virat was there in our room that time
And then raglak both at the smaetime
Raglak:(shocked ):virat
That’s ii for today guys
I know that I’m not a good writer but if you’ll want I will stop the ff

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