Agreement of love (raglak) Epi-13


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Raglak seprared from each other after the dance and looked at each other awkwardly
Virat saw them and was furious he went to them with fake smile and said
Virat:arre ragini why are you standing here come we will meet some of our school friends
Saying this he dragged ragini from there and they talked for sometime
After sometime Viren joined them and ragini’s full attention was now on Viren and seeing this virat was very angry while Laksh who was seeing all this from a distance was jealous seeing her closeness with virat
Then at last the party came to an end and all of them came out
Arvind:so miss behenji I didn’t know that you are so modern
Ragini:time changes everyone
Then they came towards their car
Suddenly Viren got a call

On the call
Viren:what how can this happen ok I’m coming yes I’ll bring virat and arvind Bhai also
Phone conversation ends
Ragini:what happen viru
Virat:ragini actually dad has a very important client and he is coming to India for the first time so dad wants us to pick him up
Virat arvind Bhai come let’s go
Virat:(monologue)no no I can’t go if I go then raglak will be alone with each other
Virat:Bhai I’m not coming
Viren:virat dad has told that all the three af us have to go means go come now and raglak we are sorry you have to take other car and go
Laksh was very happy because he will get time to spend with ragini
Laksh:no problem Viren we will manage
Ragini:yes viru you go uncle has told you know
Then Viren virat and arvind left in one car and raglak left in other car
There was deep silence between raglak then ragini broke the silence
Ragini:thanks Laksh
Laksh(confused):thanks for what ragini I have only given you pain
Ragini:stop the car Laksh
Laksh:but ragini it’s night and it’s not save for you to get down from the car
Ragini:pls Laksh I want to talk something very important with you and about my safety I know when you are with me nothing will happen to me
Laksh was overwhelmed with ragini’s words and he got down down the car and opened the door for ragini
Ragini got down the car and stood in front of Laksh
Laksh:now tell ragini what you want to say
Scene shifts to a road
Viren virat and arvind are going to the airport
Virat(monologue):I don’t know wht raglak are doind what if Laksh tells her the truth no no he will not tell other wise he would have told her till now

Scene shifts to raglak
Ragini:you asked me why I told you thank you right
Ragini:rahnkyou for saving my life for behaving badly with your family for me
Laksh:what are tellind ragini
Ragini:don’t act Laksh as you don’t know anything I know that you are being blackmailed to behave like this
Laksh(shocked):how youknow this
Ragini:you remember that night when you were sitting beside me and telling the reason of your bad behavior thinking that I am sleeping but I was not sleeping I heard everything Laksh
And she stated crying
Laksh:ragini pls don’t cry
Ragini:thank you so much Laksh and now you don’t need to do wht he says now we will find out who is blackmailing you and then punish him till then can we be friends and this time only
Laksh:yes sure
And they both sat in car and drive back to mm and this time both slept peacefully on their respective place

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Credit to: Sumi

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