Agreement of love (raglak) Epi-12


I’m soooooo sorryyyy guys for late update but what to do my school has started and I’m very busy but I promise I’ll try my best to be regularand thanks for your comments
So enough of my bak bak let’s start
Recap:youngsters are getting ready for party
At evening
Viren:common guys we will get late
Every body except ragini came in the hall
Virat:where is ragini
Laksh:she is coming
Arvind:I don’t think that behenji will come she has to wear something modern and that she will not wear
Laksh was very angry on arvind for telling like this about his ragini yes his ragini
Then suddenly ragini came and everyone were shocked to see her especially Laksh and a person (maybe mystery man)
Ragini was wearing a black and white one piece
With her hair open
Ragini:what happen why is everyone looking at me like this am I not looking good
Virat:omg ragini you are looking very hot haan
Laksh was furious on virat
Laksh:(monologue)how dare he to tell my wife
Ragini:virat besharam I’m elder to you and you are flirting with me
Viren:woww ragini I never thought that you will look so beautiful
Ragini:thank you Viren and looks like someone is in shock seeing me like this right arvind
Arvind was shocked to see her but composed himself
Arvind:umm who is shocked no one is shocked
Common now let’s go we ere getting late
Then all sat in car and went
Party venue
All arrived at the venue
Seeing ragini everyone were shocked because they never saw ragini in western clothes
Everyone met each other and were enjoying the party
Then the host announces all the couple to come on the floor for a dance

Then some of them dragged raglak to the dance floor and unwilling they started to dance on the
song hua aaj pehli baar
Raglak were uncomfortable with each other but then they were dancing gracefully forgetting their differences
One person was fuming with anger he went
from there to the parking area
Person:I’m trying from so long but their not seprating only I have to do something
Just then kavya arrives there
Kavya:what happened virat why are you so angry and why u called me here
Yes the person is virat shocked right
Virat:you are doing your work or not
Kavya:yes virat I’m doing what you are telling me but why are doing this
Virat:because I love ragini I know that I’m one
year younger than her so what I love her but she Considered me only as a friend and on top of that she chooses that useless Laksh over me
Kavya:excuse me don’t call my lucky useless you know that I love him from school times and that’s why I’m helping you
Virat:ok ok fine but I don’t understand what happen to ragini she is talking nicely with Laksh after the day we played truth or dare
Kavya:let it go now you go in and see what raglak are doing
Virat goes inside and is furious on Seeing raglak dancing close
Raglak were having a long eyelock
The song stopped but raglak were in their own world they came in reality when they heard the sound of clapping
Raglak seprated from each other and looked at each other awkwardly

I know guys that I am not a good writer but I tried my best to write a good storyline and if you all want I will stop this ff so pls comment and let me know your views

Credit to: Sumi

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  3. Dafsi

    I thought it was viren loved the episode 🙂 🙂

  4. Megha123

    It’s really awsmeeeeeeee I didn’t expect this. i thought it might be viren /arvind bt mystery man turned out to be Virat .hmmm it’s becoming interesting day by day

  5. Akshata

    virat loves ragini ? if laksh really loves ragini so wil go with raglak but if not then i dont mind virat and ragini. afterall love and respect are imp in any relationship.

  6. Very interesting dear and plz update next part asap

  7. SPP

    Virat unbelievable
    Waiting for the next one……

  8. Pavani

    Nice twist

  9. nice but raglak plzz update regular

  10. Prateeksha

    that was really a nice twist.episode is awesome.waitng eagerly for next episode 🙂

  11. Virat out of expectations but nice part

  12. Omg it was so unexpected virat is the mystery person amazing dr.. It was shocking.. Keep writing

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