Agreement of love (raglak) Epi-11

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Let’s begin
Next morning raglak room
Laksh gets up first and saw ragini with teary eyes then he went to washroom
After sometime ragini got up and saw Laksh coming out from the washroom with red eye
As if he cried for the whole night
Ragini wanted to ask him the reason but kept quite
After sometime raglak went down there
everyone was running here and there ragini asked
Ragini:what happen chachiji why are you running here and there
Suji:arre ragini you don’t know today usha jiji and raj bhaisa is coming(Viren and virat parents)
Ragini:wow uncle and aunty are coming
Ap:ragini pls come to the kitchen and help me
Ragini:yes ma
Saying this she went to kitchen
After sometime a handsome boy and a man and
women enter mm
Laksk sees them and went to them and took blessings
Laksh:Namaste buaji Namaste phuphaji
Usha:khush raho (stay happy)
Raj:khush Ravi then one by one all of them take blessing and Viren virat come and hug their bro arvind (arvind is the elder son)
Arvind:so Viren virat enjoyed here
Viren :ofcouse bro
Then ragini comes and takes blessing from them

Arvind:hello miss behenji
Ragini:just shut up you Mr blackmailer
Suji:wait wait what are you both telling
Arvind:mamiji ragini is so behenji types so I
used to call her behenji and I still don’t believe that our lucky married her but when Viren told about their divorce I was not shocked because who can stay with this behenji
Ragini:chachiji I used to call him blackmailer because every time he used to blackmail me
virat and Viren using our weakness
Ap:ok now jiji bhaisa you rest after sometime we will have lunch and Sanskar take him to room
Swara:badi ma Sanskar went early today he had some meeting and now I will also take leave bye
Ap:ok you go Swara after all its your marriage day after tomorrow
Then Swara goes
Laksh:ma I will show arvind his room
Ap:ok go (she said without looking at him)
Laksh was sad because his mother who used to talk so nicely with him is not even looking at him now but he had to do it for ragini
Laksh went with arvind to show him his room
Arvind:Laksh you have done right with that behnji she is not capable of being a maheswari and that to your wife she deserves a nerd
Listening all this Laksh was hell angry
But controlled his feelings and said
Laksh:see arvind I don’t want to talk about it I’ll see you later bye
Then he went out leaving a confused arvind behind
When Laksh came in his room he saw that ragini and Viren are laughing while heartily
Viren:Laksh you here
Laksh:it’s my room if you remember so I will only be here no
Viren:ok sit with us
Laksh didn’t want to sit but sat because he didn’t want ragini to be with him alone
Later arvind called everyone down
Arvind:mamaji if you don’t mind can we youngsters go to a party
Dp :whose party
Viren:mamaji it’s our friend sumed party
Dp:ok go
Arvind:ragini are you coming I mean will you come in Saree
Ragini:yes ofcouse I will come after all its my friend party and you don’t need to worry what I should wear get that you Mr blackmailer
Arvind:ok so everyone party is today evening at 7
Sanskar:sorry bro but I can’t come I have some work and Swara also called and told that her friend is sick so she went to se her so she will also not come
Then all went to their rooms to get ready for the party

Precap:party masti and mystery man revealed

I know you all are eagerly waiting for the truth to be revealed and I’m really sorry for the same precap and in the next chapter the mystery man will be revealed

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