Agreement of love (raglak) Epi-10


Let’s begin
Laksh was sitting near ragini holding her hand
Laksh:I know ragini I have hurt you a lot but I’m helpless I can’t do anything
Then Laksh goes in flashback
Flaskbach shows
Laksh got a phone call
Person:hello Laksh maheswari
Laksh:hello but who are you
Person:your wife ragini’s death
Laksh:what nonsense
Person:it’s not nonsense it’s the truth if you want to safe her you have to listen to us and do whatever we tell you
Laksh:excuse me who are you and yes why should I believe you
Person:ok so you don’t believe us then tell us how we know that ragini has gone to Mandir and now a car in full speed will attack her and she will be death
Laksh immediately went to Mandir and saw a man signalling a car to move toward ragini
Just whaen the car was about to hit ragini a girl saved her the girl was having palliative so he could not see her face
Then Laksh got a phone call
Person:so Laksh now do you belive us now do wht we say
Laksh:ok I will do whatever you say
Person:ohho so much desperation I think you love her a lot
Laksh:no I don’t love her I just care about her
Person:whatever now listen what you have to do you have to betray ragini I will send a girl named kavya to you and she will tell you what to do
Next day
Laksh comes to xyz cafe as instructed
There a girl comes
Girl:hi Laksh
Laksh:sorry I didn’t recognize you
Girl:but I know you very well Laksh and yes I’m kavya
Yes guys the girl is kavya
Laksh:oh ok
Kavya:so Laksh I’ll tell you what you have to do
Laksh:tell fast
Kavya:have patience my baby so you have to betray ragini by telling her that I’m your girlfriend
Laksh:no I can’t do this to her I can’t
Kavya:you love her very much I guess
Laksh:no I dont love her I just care about her
Kavya:you care about her or whatever but we want our work to be done and you don’t have to tell directly to her then she tells to make ragini hear that he is betraying her and then I will come in your house and make her to hate you
Laksh:but why you are doing this
Kavya:that’s none of your business and if you will not listen to us then ragini will not survive understand
Saying this she went out from the cafe leaving a distraught Laksh behind
Flashback ends
Laksh:I am sorry ragini but I’ve to do it for you
Saying this he went to sleep
Precap:mystery man revealed
Guys pls comment
So for knowing who is the mystery man pls comment

Credit to: Sumi

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