Agnifera 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Ragini and Shristi Decide to Help Anurag

Agnifera 9th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vishu asks Shristi to keep food and go. Shristi says until
he does not finish food. Vishu holds his hands in front of his face to stop seeing her. She asks how will have food and feeds him looking aside. She drops food on his shirt. He says she spoilt his shirt. She cleans it apologizing and feeds him food again. He silently looks and then turns. Shristi smiles. Vishu thinks Babaji’s solution is already working on 1st day and Shristi is laughing by heart.

Anurag sows construction site’s blue print to Ragini and says he fogot what he drew. Ragini thinks misterji does not know power is more important in construction business than blue print. Anurag feels headache. Ragini calls doc and informs, and doc suggests not to let him pressurize his brain much. She makes him sleep and

applies balm to his head. He asks to continue applying and sleeps holding her hand. Ragini thinks she will handle his construction work. Shristi sees Vishu asleep studying and makes him sleep in his tent. He also sleeps holding her hand. Tere bin…song…plays in the background. Ragini frees her hand and sleeps next to him emotionally. Shristi looks at Vishu’s book and thinks he is so talented, but his mother is not letting it come out, she has do something.

Ragini opens eyes and sees Anurag staring at her. She thinks she is dreaming. He wakes her up and asks what is she doing on his side of bed, she cannot sleep without curtain, pushes her and sleep. Ragini thinks his memory is back. He wakes up in the morning ad says 2 briaded woman came to call him for breakfast. Ragini thinks his memory is back and says she is his cousin Dulari didi. He says he was fighting with someone in dreams, does not remember who was it.

Anurag sits for breakfast with family. Shristi comes and asks Ragini if she saw Vishu. Revathi yells why she is troubling Vishu again. Shrisit says he did not have breakfast. Client comes and says he needs to speak to Anurag and wants to cancel contract as he does not think Anurag can handle it. Shristi checks contract and says according to it, if accident or natural calamity happens, contractor will get 30 day grace period. Anurag says bhabhi looks well educated. Ragini says she is an advocate and he calls her as Shristi. Client asks how will Anurag finish contract being ill. Ragini says she will. Anurag says Ragini does not know anything, so Shristi will. Ragini signals Shristi to agree and scolds client to stop laughing. Anurag asks why she is misbehaving with client. Ragini changes tone. Shristi takes her to kitchen and asks she does not know anything about construction. Ragini says she will finish contract in her name. Revathi comes and yells. Shristi says Vishu can finish contract.

Vishu and Shristi walk in living room and clash with each other. They fall on ground and get engrasped into each other’s eyes. Dulari sees that and runs to call Revathi.

Precap: Vishu walks tying blindfold on his eyes and says when Gandhari can blindfold herself for her husband, why can’t he for his wife. Ragini says Anurag that Vishu and Shristi love each other a lot. Anurag says how can one not see one’s shortcomings. Ragini says in love, one shortcomings look like best qualities of a person.

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