Agnifera 9th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Agni Realize Sakshi’s Evilness Has not Changed A Bit

Agnifera 9th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Before Agni’s mehandi ceremony, Golu jokes that he knows how Kishan fell on Agni. Kishan says he has gone to mischievous. Golu tells KD let us dance. KD asks to start mehandi ceremony and dances with Golu on mehandi lagane ki raat. Mehandi designers apply mehandi sticker on Agni and applies mehandi. Sakshi asks Revathi if she can apply mehandi. Revathi says no. Devi says nobody is looking at groom’s mother, who will apply her mehandi. Yashi says she will. Devi says she wants to see Sakshi’s talent. Sakshi applies mehandi on her hands. Golu drags Revathi to dance floor. Chachi drags Chachaji on dance floor. Mukhri and Kishan join KD and dance. Sakshi silently applies mehandi to Devi. Kishan feeds juice to Agniand drinks from same glass. Agni thanks him.

Mehandi designer

asks Agni to remove mehandi sticker from her hand to apply Kishan’s name on hand. Agni removes sticker and is shocked to see my mother is murderer inscribed. Sakshi silently smirks. Revathi insists to show her hand. Agni says she has stomachache and runs to her room. Agni walks behind her. Agni confronts if she did this. Sakshi says she is just replying to her heinous act and asks why did she show newspaper cutout to Daadi and proved she is not a doctor, she proved she is murderer’s daughter. Agni stands shocked and starts crying. She herself spoils her mehandi and walks down. Sakshi walks around smirking. KD asks Agni to show her mehandi and seeing Agni’s spoilt mehandi scolds her. Kishan supports Agni and tells Devi that she used to tell bride’s mehandi will be dark if her husband loves her a lot, though Agni’s mehandi is spoilt, her mehandi color is very dark than everyone here, he does not care what others think, he loves Agni a lot.

Sakshi returns to room at night and thinks whatever she tries, Kishan will not hate Agni and will support her. She tries to mentally harrass Agni that murderer’s daughter deserves it. Agni says she know realized Sakshi is behind all the mishaps; she used to keep quiet seeing Daadi’s face and will not keep quiet now, let Sakshi try to spoil her marriage, she will marry Kishan at any cost. Agni says she will marry Kishan instead.

Precap: Pandit tells KD that Kishan’s problems have not solved, if he eats kheer, his problems will be solved. Sakshi mixes poison in kheer. Agni tries to feed kheer to Kishan, Kishan feeds her in return.

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