Agnifera 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Agnifera 9th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Harihar Singh walks out of dhaba with his wife, Anurag, Ragini, Shristi and Vishu. Ragini sees Parag and asks what is he doing here. He says he was going to Harihar Singh’s home and stopped seeing his car here. Harihar Singh asks reason. Parag says babuji/Vikral Singh has sent tender file to him as a gift. Harihar Singh says he does not take charity. Parag says they are relatives now. Harihar Singh says it was his right that Vikral snatched and he will get it back rightfully. Ragini gets angry hearing her father’s insult and returns Harihar Singh’s gift to his wife and says she cannot accept his gift when he is insulting her father. Anurag says he cannot insult his uncle. She says she does not like anyone insulting her father and he knows that. She gets into car. He opens door and asks her

to get out and apologize uncle. Harihar Singh says he should not have spoken like this in front of bahu and leaves. Parag tells Anurag that he did not expect his insult repeatedly and leaves scolding Ragini to keep her mind cool. Anurag gets builder’s call and apologizes that he cannot do business with him. He tells let us go to Harinagar. Ragini says she wants to go home. Anurag says Shristi has college work and he will go at any cost. He gets into car with Shristi and Vishu. Ragini also gets in thinking she cannot let him with Shristi.

Ragini returns home with Shristi and Vishu. Vishu happily boasts that he enjoyed food and meeting aunty/bua. Revati asks Ragini if she shopped well. Ragini says no, it was a law school trip, pointing at Shristi. Shristi goes to her room and thinks she should not have gone with everyone. Vishu comes and helps her pick something. Their heads collide. He apologizes and asks her to change her dress, he will go out and come back after sometime. Ragini goes to her room and sees Anurag fuming. She asks him what will he do if his father is insulting by someone, she is sure even he will not keep quiet. He walks out with his laptop.

Shristi’s brother comes with an envelope. Anurag greets him and apologizes for whatever happened. Brother says he got distanced from his sister because of that and he is just his parent’s son now. Ragini comes and asks to introduce who is he. Dulari says he is Shristi’s brother. Brother thinks Ragini is the one because of whom his sister’s happiness went in vain. Dulari asks if he brought honeymoon package as gift for Shristi, if it is London or America’s trip. Anurag checks and says it is just notes. Shristi comes and asks why did he come here, she had asked Pooja to send notes. She goes to her room, calls Pooja and scolds why did she send notes with her brother, she does not want to be associated with her parents or brother, once she passes exam, she will get out of this house soon. Chutki bahu hears that.

Anurag makes presentation on his laptop and sleeps after getting tired. Ragini walks down searching him and sees him asleep and his laptop open. She thinks how to close it and shuts it down. Anurag gets up and shouts why did she pick his laptop. He sees his presentation deleted and shouts at her. Whole family gathers.

Precap: Shristi retrieves Anurag’s deleted file back. Ragini thinks she has do something as she cannot win Shristi repeatedly. Vishu takes Shristi to room and says he cleaned room. Shristi slips while descending down stairs and Anurag holds her. Ragini walks with gun thinking of shooting kanoon ki devi/Shristi.

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  1. When will dullari leave? Ragini has a long way to go.

  2. Satya I actually like Dulari cos she always brings up her own problems while other discussion going on…. ?????

  3. She is funny alright. In on every of the promos she suggests divya to take help of srishti to prepare for tenth exams.

  4. Ragini is so insecure of shristhi I hope she realises soon that everything cannot be done with threatening people all the point and pointing gun… And money can’t buy everything..

  5. Hi Everyone 🙂 ,

    Sometimes i feel sorry for Ragini sometimes, other time i don’t think she help herself in situations. I feel sorry for her because her up bringing has led her to believe, violence, aggression, intimidation and threatening behaviour will get her what she wants. Ragini does not know any other as she was not raised that way. Her insecurities makes her appear more desperate to seek approval of those around her but at the same time, she embarrasses herself by her lack of people skills.
    I think once Ragini starts learning to be civilised and start showing manners and respect to others, Anurag may start developing warm feelings towards her.
    I find Dulari dim, she likes to add fuel to the fire and tend not to think before she speaks. I don’t think she is bad but her character can be insensitive.

  6. Hi summer and everyone
    Dulari has good for her bua’s (Revati)family in her heart. She has yet to warm up to Srishti due to her bua’s dislike towards her.

    1. hi satya .. i have one doubt.. in may 11 th episode what did anurag tell to ragini in there room after gun shoot scene and also what did he said shristi infront of vishu while coming to vishu room ? pls tell me the dialogue bcz i don’t know hindi well.. pls satya..

      1. Hi Alizha
        Just saw your comment. Anuraag goes to Vishu’s room and apologises for shouting At him. Vishnu asks him to promise him that he won’t talk to him loudly with anger again. Anuraag promises and tells Vishu that though it was a mistake, his actions did put Srishti’s life in danger. So he should apologise to her. Vishu does that and Srishti says, lts ok. Vishu is happy and goes to sleep. Anuraag tells Srishti that today’s incident was not Entirely vishu’s fault and hence forgive him. Srishti quietly clears the way for Anuraag to exit from the room. Aanuraag thinks to himself that he realises that Srishti and he is at a juncture where it’s even difficult to breath. If Srishti makes a decision she can change vishu’s life.

      2. Satya

        Back in Anuraag ‘s room Ragini is pacing with anger about no one appreciating her act of saving Srishti ‘s life. Instead Anuraag supports Srishti and she should have not stopped Vishu. Anuraag enters the room. Ragini tells him that she listened to him and stopped using the gun. If her brother- in law has picked up the gun how is she at fault. Anuraag gets v angry and replies- there are lots of mistakes committed by her. All wrong that is happening in this house are due to her mistakes. He lists her mistakes- to forcefully establish relationships at gun point, thinking that love can be bought by money. Before she came in this house they had lesser means but they were all happy. Her gifts and entry in this house has created problems and rift between his patents. But why m I telling u this? As you will do only what u think is right. The sad part is that u what your notion of being right is also your mistake.

    2. Tq for your help for explaining me I don’t know Hindi but i love Hindi serials

  7. hey.. pls.. i need anurag , shristi , ragini’s each dialogue clearly of the show in telly update.. because i don’t know hindi.. pls give the dialogue clearly not only concepts.. especially shristi, anurag, ragini’s dialogues pls..

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