Agnifera 8th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Anurag Doubts Shristi and Ragini

Agnifera 8th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shristi tries to apply haldi paste on Ragini’s feet injury when Revathi stops her and alleges Shristi of mixing chilli powder in haldi paste. Shristi also checks and says it really has chilli powder. Ragini says Shristi is helping her at midnight and kitchen is not well lit, so she must have added chilli powder by mistake. Revathi continues yelling and leaves. Shristi goes to get another paste. Ragini says her paste will not heal her wounds. She reaches her room. Anurag nurses her wound forcefully and says she helped him when he was ill, so he is favoring her. Ragini says she loves him and there is no favor in love. He says she rejected his love sometime ago. Their nok jhok continues.

Srhisti thinks who must have mixed chilli powder and realizes Dulari must have. She walks to Dulari

and holding knife frightens to accept that she added chilli powder in haldi paste. Dulari gets afraid and runs away.

Shristi then shows Ramesh’s clip to Ragini. Ragini fumes that he is taking her name. She angrily gets up and says she will teach him a lesson and get back misterji’s contract. Shristi stops her and says she has to control her anger for Anurag’s sake, else Ramesh will try to meet Anurag and her truth will be out. They both promise to keep this a secret. Anurag walks in and they stop. He says they were talking about contract and can continue, he will pick file and leave. He walks out thinking to find out truth himself. Ragini and Shristi’s planning continues.

Family then promise children’s singing show. Dulari says she is better singer and sings weirdly. Everyone ask her to stop. Shristi gets Ramesh’s call. She goes aside and picks. He asks what did she think about his offer and insists to meet her at his office. She thinks there is no way to help Ragini and anurag and agrees. She thinks of taking her papa’s help on case before meeting Ramesh and leaves. Ragini walks towards her room. Revathi asks her where is Anurag. Ragini says must be in his room. Revathi says he is not and yells. Vishu thinks where did bhaiya go.

Anurag reaches Purshotam’s house and meets Sumer, ask if he disturbed him. Sumer says no. Anurag asks why Shristi rejected him and cancelled engagement. Sumer asks who told him. Shristi reaches there and handles situation.

Precap: Anurag asks Shristi if she and Ragini have taken oath to lie him. He says it is better for him and them until his memory is back. Revathi asks Ragini with whom her husband go. Ragini says none of her business. Ramesh misbehaves with Shristi and gives him a tight slap.

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