Agnifera 8th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Baiju And His Mother Mentally Harass Shristi

Agnifera 8th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baiju locks door and removes shirt. Shristi warns to stop and stay away from her. He forces on her and says she has to follow her wife’s duty and please him. She resists. He ties her hands and throws her on bed. She resists and pleads to spare her. He asks why should he, she wanted to see fear in his and amma’s eyes, but he is seeing fear in her eyes. He warns her to dare not to frighten amma, else he will show the real picture, this was just trailer. He leaves wearing clothes back.

Next morning, Anurag takes tea and breakfast for Ragini. Ragini draping bedsheet around her on bed with closed eyes hugs pillow thinking it as Misterji. Anurag says he brought toast, fruits, biscuits, etc., for her and recites poem for her. She shies and says she is hungry, let us have English breakfast.


with amma walks back to Shristi’s room. Amma asks him to throw water on her. He throws water on her. Shirsti wakes up shocked. Ammaa yells if she does not want to work and still sleeping. Baiju says madamji is awake and freeing Shristi’s hand asks to touch amma’s feet. Shristi does. Amma says he taught Shristi a lesson. Baiju says she should and says Shristi did 1st mistake by slapping him, 2nd by insulting ammaa, if she does 3rd mistake, she will go to god and herself should apologize god.

Revathi calls panditji to organize Satyanarayan pooja. Baiju writes list. Diya coughs while cleaning pooja utensils. Baiju asks her to rest and cleans utensils. Vidhvan says he will write list. Baiju says he will handle everything. Shristi comes and tells Revathi she needs to talk. Amma asks her to speak here itself. Ragini asks Revathi what is all this. Baiju says Revathi has kept pooja for them. Revathi says for all 4 children. Baiju asks Shristi how is her hand injury, she should go and rest. Revathi asks her to go and tells ammaa that she wants to invite guests for pooja as Shristi and Baiju’s wedding happened in a hurry. Amma says she will invite her friends. Vidhvan says he will call guests.

Baiju takes Shristi to room and says he loves seeing pain on her face and if she informs her family, she will see her family suffering. Shristi warns his fight is with her, so he should keep her family out of it. Baiju asks her to act normal then.

Ragini and Anurag return. Dulari taunts them how was their honeymoon suite stay, asks who applies lipstick on neck, pointing at Anurag. Anurag gets nervous. Ragini asks Revathi if she has arranged pooja. Revathi asks yes and asks Anurag to bring pooja items. Anurag reminisces Revathi’s evil tricks and asks Ragini to take list from maa, he will take it from her. Revathi asks if he did not forgive her yet. Anurag tells Ragini he does not want to forgive a mother who tried to separate son and daughter in law. Revathi cries. Dulari consoles her. Anurag walks to his room and throws shows angrily. Ragini tries to console him and asks to get angry on her, but not aonn his mother. Anurag says he will not forgive maa.

Precap: Anurag sees Ragini’s friend Chitra coming to meet her and says she is fine. Baiju tries to bet Shristi in gambling. Shristi slaps him.

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