Agnifera 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Dulari Tries to Create Rift Between Ragini and Shristi

Agnifera 7th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anurag gets intimate with Ragini. Ragini drops water glass on floor and gets up. Glass pieces pierces her feet. Anurag shouts he was testing her and she failed, she should get out of his life, he hates her. Ragini removes glass strand from her feet and thinks which woman does not like her husband’s love, she loves him so much, but when he will know that he hated her since the beginning, he will hate her more. Anurag walks out and shouts Ragini betrayed him.

Shristi sees Vishu smiling and asks reason and tickles him. He says he switched off lights on Anurag’s order as Anurag was decorating room with flowers and candles and wanted to surprise Ragini. Shristi stands shy. Vishu asks if she did not do mischief in childhood. She says no. He tickles her. She says she used to frighten people

as ghosts. He laughs and says who will get afraid. She says he should. She then gets busy studying file. Vishu says he is hungry. She goes out to bring him something to eat.

Raginii walks out searching Anurag with her blood stained feet. Dulari sees blood stained foot steps and follows them. Ragini walks to Anurag and says she will shamlessly accept that she loves him a lot but cannot tell him truth and wants them to consummate when he gets back his memory. Anurag leaves. Dulari hears their conversation and thinks she should inform bua/Revathi. Shristi sees blood stains and stopping Ragini asks what happened to her and makes her it sit on sofa and goes to get haldi paste. Dulari senses opportunity to create rift between devrani and jethani and follows Shristi to kitchen. She asks Shristi to keep boiling milk bowl aside and silently mixes chilli powder in haldi paste.

Ramesh enjoys liquor imagining Shristi. His friend asks if his plan will work. Ramesh says he got all evidences against Ragini and Shristi and they both are trapped well. Friend praises him.

Dulari then goes to Revathi and wakes her up. Revathi yells she was dreaming about Anruag’s remarriage and getting huge dowry. Dulari tells her whole story. They both walk out. Shristi tries to apply haldi paste on Ragini’s feet when Revathi enters yelling and checking paste says it has more cillli than haldi.

Precap: Shristi frightens Dulari to tell who mixed chilli powder in haldi paste. She then shows Ramesh’s video to Ragini and asks her to promise she will not tell about frightening VDO to Anurag. Anurag enters.

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  1. I think it’s time ragini and shristi fight back the in laws! Why is ragini so whimpish half the time? Can’t she frighten people without a gun?

  2. Moral of the story is when you get married you loose self respect as you are just a money making scheme. 2nd a women looses her ability to protect herself and becomes way too sanskari for her own good. Stop showing women in either a very bad light or stupid to follow everything in the name of religion and Indian culture.

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