Agnifera 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Shristi Teaches Baiju and His Mother A Lesson

Agnifera 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baiju informs Shristi that he has thrown oil on stairs for Revathi to fall down and challenges to save Revathi if she can. Shristi rushes out and seeing Revathi descending stairs stops her and asks not to come down. Revathi says she has to give pooja thali to ammaji. Shristi says there is oil on stairs. Revathi says who will drop oil and walks down. Shristi says she misunderstood. Revathi says she is and walks down laughing.

Ragini walks to hotel and gets happy seeing arrangements made by Anurag. Hotel staff throw flowers on her way and greet her in. Manager gives her bouquet and room keys. She walks towards room. Anurag eagerly waits for her in room. He sees Ragni’s feet from door. Ragini gets a call and runs back. Anurag gets out of room and searches her.

In a room, Baiju

tells amma that he read a news of MIL burning her DIL alive. Amma says she wants to try on Shristi. Shristi walks in with kerosene can and locks door. She then throws it on amm and lights match stick. Amma and Baiju panic. Shristi says it is water with kerosene sprinkled in it, she just wanted to see fear on their face. She warns they can torture her, but dare not eye on her family, else she will burn them both alive. She walks out. Dulari walks in and starts her drama seeing kerosene on amma’s clothes and on floor. She asks Baiju to tie his ammaa to cot s she has gone mad. Baiju says amma is fine and dropped kerosene by mistake. Dulari leaves. Ammaa yells whole family is mad. Baiju says he will punish Shristi for her act.

Anurag searches Ragini in hotel and asks manager if Ragini had come. Manager says yes and shows Ragini’s photo. They check CCTV footage where Ragini enters, stops near door, picks phone calls and runs back. Anurag says that means Ragini had come. He calls Shristi and asks if Ragini returned home. She says no. He calls Parag next, who says she did not come even there. Ragini returns with injured hand and says she got stuck in traffic. Anurag gets worried seeing her injured hand. Ragini says her friend met with an accident and it is her blood. Anurag says let us meet her friend then. Ragini says she is fine and surrounded by family members, so he need not worry. He says she must be tired, so let us go home. She says she will stay with him and fulfill all his demands. They enter hotel room and get romantic. Ye Barfani… plays in the background. They consummate their marriage.

Shristi enters her room and sees it decorated with flowers for suhagraat. Baiju enters, locks door and removes his clothes. Shristi wants to stop…

Precap: Baiju forces himself on Shristi. Ragini asks Anurag let us have English breakfast. Baiju ties Shristi and throws water on her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. What a strange track!! An enlightened lawyer enduring such torture for this long. Where is the hope for less educated and knowledgeable women! Stop this nonsense, it’s very disconcerting to watch this type of abuse on modern day Indian television. Stop the promotion of domestic violence- it’s not enough to write that the station does not support violence against women, but you are promoting it. We have seen enough. This is a painful and terrible reminders for past and current victims. STOP IT PLEASE!!!

  2. Hi Edel,
    You are spot on! For a lady with knowledge of the law she should stop all this nonsense for once. She could easily record videos or voice audios and use it as evidence but to become weak it doesn’t help the less fortunate. It would have been better to show her intelligence and knowledge of the law gain her confidence and won over Baiju and his greedy mother’s plot giving hope to women in such situations the support to fight back!
    As for Anurag and Ragini finally they did the deed but for a family show it was quite intense?
    How surprising Revathi and Dulari mellowed so quickly but I do love Dulari’s comical scenes?

  3. Summer

    Hi Edel and Sara,
    Too right! I find it frustrating watching Shristi being helpless, since when did Shristi become submissive? Her character to begin with was feisty and confident, however the scene which showed Shristi giving Baiju and his mum own medicine back…that is the strong confident feisty Shristi i like to see.
    I have to say, i do like seeing the much kinder, gentle and considerate Revathi. Dulari is just empty as usual.
    I would like to see Shristi collate evidence against Baiju and his mum, enough to expose them and send them behind bars. Like you say, Sara, hidden cameras can be easily set up by Shristi as she is intelligent and wise. As for Baiju, i doubt he will have the knowledge or ability to understand technology unlike Shristi, who is suppose to be tech whizz.

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