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Agnifera 6th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ragini gives tea to Anurag and asks to have it first, she will reply to all his answers later. She tells during their wedding, they did not hire photographer. Anurag says she told they married with family’s permission. She says her babuji called zilla’s best photographer, but due to heavy rains, he could not reach. Anurag asks how did their marriage happen then. She says it rained in Patna and not here. He asks where did they go to honeymoon. She asks to have tea first drops tea on her hand by mistake. He cleans her hand and asks if it is burning. She says no. He asks again where did they go to honeymoon. She says he got a big contract, so she suggested him to finish contract first, since then they could not go to honeymoon. She says she will do other chores and silently walks away praying

god to save her from his questions.

Anurag sees Ragini’s gun holding pic aside and fixes it back. He goes for a bath and comes out draping only towel. She gets shy seeing him. He says he is not getting his clothes. She gives his clothes. He tries to wear T-shirt and writhes in pain. She helps him while stares her. She walks out shyly thinking how she will do all this daily. She clashes with Shristi in corridor. Shristi asks what happened. Ragini says forget it. Shristi apologizes for misunderstanding her and thanks her for her help. Ragini says it was bad time and not mistake, even she misunderstood her many times, they should just pray for Anurag’s speedy recovery. Shristi says Anurag ji will get well soon and hugs her. Revathi watches that and thinks whatever she thinks will happen, let them do whatever they way.

Brij brings poojari home. Revathi thinks poojari is her puppet and will speak whatever she wants. Poojari acts and says this house has a bad atma and Shristi is a bad sign for this house, why did Revathi got Vishu married so soon. Revathi asks him to find some solution. Baba acgts again and says Vishu should stay away from his wife for 30 days. Shristi says she does not believe in superstition. Revati yells as usual. Daadi says this house went through a lot of hardship, if a mother feels peace with jadoo tona, let her do. Shristi walks away. Vishu tries to walk behind her, but Revathi stops her and says baba asked not to even see Shristi’s face. Brij takes away baba. Revati asks Vishu to follow baba’s advice if he wants to succeed in life. Vishu says he wants to be come competent. Revathi says he will.

Shristi thinks it must be Revathi’s plan for sure. Vishu walks in reverse. Shristi asks him to be careful. Vishu says baba asked not to see her face. Shristi says she does not believe in superstition. Vishu says baba knows his past and must be knowing his future also, so he decided to follow him and he is going to office now, she should take care of herself. Shristi thinks he loves her so much.

Ragini sees Anurag tensed and asks what happened now. He says whole family loves him, but he feels strange here. Shristi gives him files and he should get busy in work. He says she is right, he may regain memory once he starts working. He looks at files and says he cannot understand anything. Phone rings, a man congratulates him and says he got Om Sai Builder’s contract and congratulate him. Ragini says it is a big contract and many builders were behind it. He asks how does she know. She says he told her and used to work hard on his laptop for that project. She thinks Anurag lost project once because of her, she will not let it happen again.

Vishu sees Shristi and turns face. She gives him water and says he has to eat also. He takes glass with face turned and she helps him sit for dinner. Vishu says he cannot disobey baba, she can keep food and go. She says until he finishes food, she will not go.

Precap: Anurag asks Ragini what is she doing on his bed,
she knows he hates her, where is curtain. Contractor comes home and informs Anurag that he is canceling contract. Shristi sees something and gets afraid. She slips and falls with Vishu.
They both look at each other.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Summer

    HI MA, thanks for update.

    Reading the update is frustrating enough! Shristi was right!! She should have left Vishu. There is no trust in the relationship, without trust the relationship will not survive. Vishu does not deserve to have Shristi! He is stupid beyond belief!! He is unbelievably brainless that he is unable to distinguish a genuine baba and a bogus one. Again, he is foolishly dumb that he believes everything he is told; rather than use his brain to think for himself.
    As for Daadi, she was too quick to judge Shristi and condemn her for her so-called disgraceful behaviour; but yet to fail to seek the truth or hear real side of events. By now, she must know Revathi nature and yet she tries to preach to Shristi about ‘peace’.

    If only her eyes were opened, she would realise ‘peace’ would happen if she had towed the line with Revathi- her DIL.

    Furthermore, I don’t understand why Brij relationship is so close with Revathi, that Revati won’t listen to her own husband but her brother-in-law? It appears to me, they both behave more of a couple than sibling-in-laws. Why does Brij does her bidding so willingly?

  2. You didn’t talk about AnuRagini! How do do not…Ragini is the best character in the story. She might not be educated but she is the best!

  3. Hi Summer, i agree totally with you. Ragini still has not apologized to Shristi for ruining her life by stealing her would be husband so she is not innocent. She would not have married a person with Vishu’s mental capacity. I really never wanted to see the marriage succeed as he was forced at gunpoint, which was wrong.

  4. Please post update 10/9/17

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