Agnifera 6th November 2018 Written Episode : Sakshi Steals Agni’s Engagement Ring

Agnifera 6th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

During Agni and Kishan’s engagement, KD asks where is Sakshi. Revathi says she is having headache. Sakshi enters and says she is here. Revathi thinks what she is up to. Sakshi continues acting and in ileu of taking pic with Agni silently burns her dupatta on lamp and shouts. Agni panics. KD says it is abshagun and rituals have to be stopped. Agni returns to her room sadly. Krishan brings sewing machine to Agni’s room and says he brought solution for her problem, he knows she is sad after her dupatta burnt and rituals stopped. She asks if she knows to stitch. He says he can do anything in her love. After correcting dupatta, Kishan demands his reward and asks her to kiss him. She sends him out saying only after marriage.

Sakshi returns to her room and thinks Agni snatched her necklace from her, she will snatch it back from her. She opens locker and picks necklace box. Revathi enters with milk for Agni and seeing Sakshi holding necklace asks what she is up to and scolds her badly. Sakshi sleeps crying. Devi enters on her wheelchair and asks why she is crying. Sakshi complains that Agni made her cry. Devi consules her and asks her to take her to home temple, thinks Agni is so bad that she made her sister cry, Kishan is doing a big mistake.

Whole family joins for pooja. After pooja, KD announces that they gift family diamond ring to new bahu since 11 generations, now it is with Devi and asks Yashi to take ring and give it to Agni, Kishan will put same ring in Agni’s finger during engagement. Devi gives her ring and warns Agni that she may not be able to take are of it in her busy life. Agni says she is very much capable of. Daadi jokes ring is big and her finger is small. Agni says she will remake it to her size. Agni keeps ring in locker. Sakshi steals it and thinks Agni’s happiness’ the end is coming.

Precap: During engagement, KD identifies Agni is not wearing family ring. Devi scolds Agni. Agni returns to her room and finds Sakshi opening locker.

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  1. What an evil cow Sakshi is. History will repeat itself but the other way!

  2. It is so lame how they are repeating the story, istead of doing something completely new.
    One of those two main girls should have been a boy. I am tired of their faces so much I don’t bother watching this anymore, only speed through these writen updates.

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