Agnifera 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Agnifera 5th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ragini calls Vidhvan and informs that doctor has given permission for Anurag’s discharge in sometime. Vidhvan says it is a good news, he will come there soon. Revathi excitedly asks him to bring their son soon. Vidhvan leaves with Brij. Ragini gives dress to Anurag and asks him to change. Anurag asks how did their marriage happen. Ragini says like usual marriages, they had usual agnifera. He asks to elaborate. Ragini says their nature is similar, they sleep and wake up at same time, she sleeps with lights off and even he does. His father came with alliance and her father accepted it. She loves him and he loves her even more. He asks how did he injure. She reminisces Shekhar shooting her, but says he has a lot of enemies in his job. He asks what he does. She says she will tell later, let

us go home first.

Anurag reaches home with Ragini, Vidhvan, and Brij. Daadi greets him and takes in. Vishu shows his and Anurags photo and their family photos, asks if he remembers anything now. Dulari says he must be confused, she will introduce everyone. She introduces Revathi as his mother, daadi as daadi who shares sanskar to whole family, tall man Vidhvan is his father, Brij is his uncle, Vishu is his brother, Diya is his sister, Shristi is Vishu’s wife. He asks who is she. She says she is Revathi’s niece and his cousin. Divya shows his bat and says he scored century with it in college, soft toy, etc. Vishu says he will handle office work, Anurag need not worry. Anurag says he does not remember anything, sorry for t hat. Ragini says he does not remember anything, but they all remember and takes him to his room.

Shristi gives bedsheet to Vishu. Vishu asks if she can sit with hi for sometime. She sits. Vishu says when she was here, he used to check if she is soundly asleep or not, even when she was not here, he used to feel bad and remember her a lot. Shristi says she is here now, he should be happy. He asks if she will leave him again. She nods no. He asks to trust him, he will show magic in 6 months. Shirsti thinks she decided to stay back, how will she manage. She reads Vishu’s written note and it falls down. Revati picks it and does not give it to Shristi. Shristi snatches it from her. Revati yells as usual. Shristi confronts her.

Ragini takes Anurag to their room and hurriedly tries to hide her gun holding portrait. Anurag says she lied that they live like normal husband and wife. She says yes. Anurag asks then why there is a curtain between bed. Ragini says because of him, she was angry on him, so she drew curtain. Anurag asks what happened. She says she promise to show her a movie, but he did not, she will remove it. Anurag says let it be, he made a mistake and will remove this curtain, removes it and says let us sleep now. They sleep. Next morning, he sees her gun holding photo and asks what is this. She thinks she has to lie again and says when she is here, why did he bring food. He says one minute.\

Next morning, Shristi wakes up. Vishu says he did all his daily routine. She says he got a good routine. He says papa helped him in preparing routine and he kept prasad for her, what else he should do to prove himself competent. She asks to taker his decisions himself. Vishu says he will go to site daily until bhiaya gets ready and handle all work, she should restart her law practice. Shristi prays god to keep her promise of living with Vishu.

Precap: Anurag asks Ragini where did they go to honeymoon. Ragini says they were about to go, but he got a big contract, so they could not go. Sadhu orders Vishu to stay away from his wife for 30 minutes. Vishu tells Shristi that he cannot deny Baba’s order.

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