Agnifera 5th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sakshi Determines To Destroy Agni

Agnifera 5th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sakshi gets Agni ready for her engagement with her usual loud overacting. Agni says she wants her sister to be near her during engagement. Sakshi says she will check groom and goes to Kishen’s room. Kishen says he will get ready in 5 min. She helps him select his dress. He says it is perfect combination, how she know it is her favorite combination. Sakshi says just like that. He continues thanking her. Once she leaves Kishan’s room, KD stops her and asks her to get her ready first. Sakshi jokes if KD gets ready well, who will look at me. KD jokes she is right.

Revathi sees Agni not wearing her earrings and goes to her room to get earrings. She finds Sakshi’s FIR copy in cupboard. Sakshi enters containing her loud acting when Revathi showing file asks if she is not a doctor. Sakshi agrees. Revathi slaps her and says she spoilt her whole life’s hard work, she sacrificed so much to make Sakshi a doctor, but she shattered all her dreams; on the other side, Agni growing alone without any family became police officer and like Shristi, so Agni deserves Shristi’s necklace and not Sakshi, Sakshi is an insult to her parents.

Revathi gifts Shristi’s necklace to Agni. Yashi performs Agni and Kishan’s arti and says engagement muhurath is tomorrow evening. Everyone rejoice. Agni asks where is Sakshi. Sakshi returns to her room and cries that Agni purposefully kept FIR in cupboard and masterplanned everything, she is wicked like her mother, now she will punish Agni.

P Sakshi burns AAgni’s dupatta silently and acting throws dupatta. Badki gifts diamond ring to Agni and warns to protect it. Sakshi steals it.

Update Credit to: MA

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