Agnifera 5th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vidhvan Transfers 50% Property in Baiju’s Name

Agnifera 5th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ragini looks her face into mirror and fumes seeing mustache and flowers drawn on it. She scolds Anurag that he did it and runs behind him to confront. He holds her and says he wanted to talk to her, but she slept, so what could he do. She apologizes. He says tonight will be very special for them. Ragini gets missed calls, but her phone switches off. She keeps it for charging and leaves room.

Shristi dreams of Baiju’s betrayal and him torturing her and telling he married her to take revenge and it was all part of his plan. She walks down thinking of Ragini, Anurag and whole family. Baiju serves breakfast to family. Daadi stumbles. Baiju helps her and says he respects daadi to the core and cannot see her like this. Daadi says she was fasting. Baiju insists to have food. Daadi says she

will if he accepts Vishu’s part of half property which Vidhvan wants to transfer in his name. Baiju says how can he accept sahab’s propery. Anurag asks not to call Vidhvan was papa. Vidhvan says he is doing father’s duty and gives property papers to sign. Baiju signs them and smirks at Shristi. Shristi is shocked seeing property going into evil Baiju’s name. She runs to her room and cries. Baiju enters with food for her and closing door tortures her verbally and physically by strangulating her throat. She coughs. Ragini enters to call them for ritual. Baiju acts as worried and gives water to Shristi.

Baiju and Shristi walk down. Ragini with whole family explains them of finding ring in mild bowl ritual. Baiju acts and says he already accepted defeat and wants madam to win. Anruag encourages him to participate and win while Ragini suppports Shristi. Shristi hold ring. Baiju snatches it from her and thanks Anurag for his support. Shristi says Baiju must have cheated.

Ragini returns to her room and sees missed calls again. She picks calls and worried rushes out. Anurag stops her and asks where she is going. She says her friend needs her. He says she can go, but should return soon as he has planned a lot for their evening. She agrees and leaves.

Shristi returns to her room and cries thinking Baiju will divide house. Baiju returns, tortures her and leaves. Shristi walks to Baiju’s mother/amma’s room to inform about Baiju’s heinous act.

Precap: Shristi informs amma that Baiju slapped her. Amma scolds Baiju how dare he is to slap Shristi bahu, then changes tone and asks how can he without her. Shristi is shocked more.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. No!!! The evil mother is finally added to this sick twist. Pure devil in disguise!
    Now it makes sense why Shristi won’t tell the family. But surely they should see she’s not smiling or participating in anything nor is she speaking much. In a few days time they will send her to their house, will be very difficult to watch ???

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