Agnifera 4th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Shristi Finally Meets Vishu/DJ

Agnifera 4th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shristi with Baiju goes to hotel reception and insists receptionist to give Vishu’s address. Receptionist says she cannot give guest’s info. Shristi sees DJ’s poster and says this is her Vishu ji. Receptionist says this DJ Shankey and she cannot give guest’s details, if she is DJ’s fan. Baiju says yes. Receptionist says DJ will come to lobby in the evening. Shristi with Baiju eagerly waits for DJ in lobby. Shristi eagerly waits for evening and reminisces Baiju promising him to help her find Vishu ji. DJ is seen still sleeping.

Anurag teaches yoga to Ragini. She silently walks out when he closes eyes. In living room, party worker says he will take over party and be its representative. Ragini hears that warns that his true color is out, only Parag will take over

Vikral’s party. Party worker warns he will bring opponent for Parag. Parag says someone is behind him, who is it. Ragini then goes to Vikral’s room and takes care of him, blabbering what is all happening and cheering him up. He shows her old style photo holding gun, signalling she should takeover his position. She realizes and asks how can she.

Shristi eagerly waits for Vishu. DJ walks down explaining his day’s schedule to his secretary. Shristi runs and hugs him emotionally calling him Vishuji and asking where he had been. He pushes her and says this is not the way she should behave, who is she. She continues crying Vishuji..He leaves. Shristi checks DJ’s details on net, don’t find any clear details. Baiju asks her to relax.

Anurag gets worried for Ragini and thinks why she is taking political tension. Revathi calls him and asks how is Ragini and when are they coming. Anurag says not at this point seeing Vikral’s condition and he will come with Ragini and Vikral there to take care of Vikral by whole family. Revathi thinks he is thinking right. Parag hears Anurag’s conversation and says he failed in his responsibility, so Ragini is doing his duty instead. Anurag suggests him whatever he does, he should do by heart, if he wins he wins, if he loses he learns lesson and not loses actually. After sometime, party workers ask Parag’s decision. Parag says he will not take babuji’s place. Rival worker says then he will take over and takes Vikral’s watch that signifies party presidentship, says this means a lot. Ragini walks in her old avatar holding gun and warns to return her babuji’s watch and she will take over Babuji’s responsibility now. She asks Vikral if she is looking her old daring daughter. Vikral smiles in proud. Anurag stands in a shock.

Precap: DJ’s secretary lets Shristi in DJ’s room for 15 minutes. Shrisit searches clue and gets afraid hearing DJ coming.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Anurag’s obsession with Ragini is overbearing! She’s pregnant nothing more!!! He’s suffocating her and I understand he’s worried about her but it’s too much. As for her going into politics she should have discussed with him which now can be a breaking point for them.
    Surprisingly Vishu speaks and walks fine and that too in fluent English!

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