Agnifera 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Anurag Loses Memory and Does not Recognize Family

Agnifera 3rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nurse informs Ragini and family that Anurag has been shifted to ICU and they all can meet him. Family rushes towards ICU. Revathi stops Ragini and says she cannot meet Anurag. Ragini says they both can meet misterji. Vikral asks what is happening. Revathi says she forcefully got Anurag married to Ragini at gunpoint, now she will not risk her son’s life anymore, she is not afraid of even Vikral. Vidhvan asks to stop her drama now and let Ragini bahu in. Even Brij asks her to not create issue in this situation. Anurag calls Ragini’s name. Whole family walks in. Anurag asks who are they. Revathi asks what happened to her son. Doctor says he told already that anything can happen, Anurag lost his memory. Doctor asks what is happening. Anurag says he remembers calling Ragini and then collapsing,

does not remember anything beyond that. Doc asks them all to go out.

Revathi cries and Vidhvan consoles her. Vikral consoles Vidhvan and says he can seek help in Anurag’s treatment and he has already instructed senior doctor. Vishu cries seeing Aurag’s condition. Shristi consoles him that Anurag is fine. Vishu asks then why he is in ICU. Purshotam tries to speak to Shristi. Shristi says she is an opponent lawyer and not his daughter, he already sacrificed his daughter. Purshotam says he knows and did a mistake without knowing the fact. Shristi says now they are just opponent lawyers and nothing else. Purshotam leaves sadly.

Vidhvan’s family returns home sadly. Revathi continues crying. Daadi consoles her followed by Vidhvan. Revathi cries if something happens to Anurag, she will not forgive herself. Ragini gives her water, but she throws glass and yells to go away from Anurag’s life. Ragini says she will once Anurag gets well.

Purshotam returns home. Surekha thanks god that Anurag is well and even Vishu. Purshotam says her daughter saved Vishu by risking her life. Surekha asks why he is addressing Shristi as only her daughter. Purhsotam tells he gained courage to speak to Shristi, but she told to come well prepared to court when they meet next time. Surekha sheds tears.

Ragini returns to her room and seeing blood on her hands and body reminisces Anurag saving her and bearing bullet on himself. Sun mere humsafar kya tujhe itnisi hai khabar…song…plays in the background. She reminisces quality time spent with Anurag and cries more.

Precap: Anurag tells Ragini that he does not know anyone except Ragini, he knows only her name. Ragini says she is his wife Ragini. Purshotam informs Revati that according to court orders, Vishu and Shristi have to spend 6 months together before seeking divorce.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Summer

    I think this story line is paved for Anurag to learn the good side of Ragini: that she is not all bad. Perhaps this is the moment where Anurag starts falling in love with Ragini to move the story forwards. When he recovers his memory, he will recall the moments Ragini stood by him and nursed him…perhaps this will dissolve his heart towards Ragini? Then he has to chase back Ragini once he recovers as Ragini will want to leave and keep her promise.

  2. Yes that’s what I’m dreaming too! OMG I love your thoughts about AnuRagini ?

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