Agnifera 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Shristi’s Family Impressed With Baiju’s Knowledge/Anurag Continues Flirting With Ragini

Agnifera 3rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anurag continues flirting with Ragini, and Ragini fumes. Courier boy delivers courier in Anurag’s name. Anurag asks to call him love and care of Ragini. Ragini thinks what did he order. He says he order wedding details and is checking. She tries to peep. He asks why she is peeping, he has ordered details for engagement function. He then takes her aside and showing tape says he will tape her mouth with this. He continues showing things with which he will kidnap her. He imagines kidnapping in between guests and carrying her away. Ragini shakes her, and he continues flirting with her. She orders guards to take him away. He shouts to leave him.

Baiju checks vegetable vendor before letting him in and asks if he kept any weapon. Vendor says only 1 vegetable cutting knife. He picks weight

and scolds him. Shristi walks in and asks vendor to show vegetables. Baiju returns weight. Revathi asks to buy 2 kg cucumber, 2 kg tomato, etc. Dulari joins them. Vendor says 200 rs Baiju finds mistakes and asks him to take whatever he gave and leave. Shristi scolds him that he started his goondagiri again. Baiju continues spreading his knowledge and sends him away. Shristi thanks him and asks how did he find out that vendor was looting. Dulari says because he is a goon. Baiju says his mother taught him how to buy vegetables, he did not have any option as he did not have money or earning father. Revathi thinks he is so kowledged. Baiju’s heart melts for Shristi.

Ragini fumes that Anurag challenged to kidnap her, she will see how will he. Abhimanyu comes from behind. She thins it is Anurag and trashes him, then sees him and apologizes. Anurag peeps from window. Abhimanyu praises Ragini’s strong body. Anurag walks in and asks who troubled her, he will handle hi. He offers almonds to them and starts hsi jokergiri.

Daadi asks Dulari to serve food to Baiju as he must be hungry. Divya fumes hearing Baiju’s praises and cuts her finger by mistake. Shristi goes to get first-aid box. Divya mixes chilli and salt in Baiju’s food and returns to her chair. Baiju prays before starting food. Shristi sees spoilt food and says she will change it. Baiju says he came to work and not feast, he will have this food.

Precap: Anurag brings sports shoes for Ragini. Ragini orders guards to not let Anurag move. Divya tastes food and says it is very spicy. Shristi says someones we fall in the pit we dig for others.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    100% love triangle b/w shristi, baiju and divya…
    Anurag and ragini drama is unwanted addition only…

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