Agnifera 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Agnifera 3rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Village women come for Ragini and Shristi’s muh dikhayi. Lady sarpanch starts commenting and insulting Ragini. Revati confronts sarpanch, but she continues yelling. Shristi confronts her next and sarpanch yells at even her. Rangini scolds saparanch and warns her to be in her limits, else she will be in trouble. Brijbhan enters and hearing about the issue warns sarpanch to be in her limits, she won with trick, his father was sarpanch for 20 years. Sarpanch continues. Ragini asks where is her gun. Other women tell they heard about Ragini’s daring attitude and take Sarpanch from there. Anurag watches everything.

Ragini goes to her room. Anurag scolds her why she insulted village women. Ragini says they insulted sasu maa and then her father, so she could not be silent. He says she knows

only to fight. She says she knows even to romance, but he is unromantic. If he orders, she will obey only him, but he has to be romantic with her.

Vishu tells Shristi that Ragini taught sarpanch a good lesson. Shristi says her way was wrong and she cannot take law in her hands. Vishu says what is right then. She says they can ask villagers to complain against sarpanch. He asks how to do that, he will complain with his friend. She asks not to pester him and go and play outside. He leaves.

Parag comes to Ragini’s house and gets happy seeing Divya. He shyingly asks her if no one is at home. She says she will call everyone and asks him to sit. He sits. His phone rings with a romantic ring tone. Anurag comes down and Parag greets them. Divya calls Revati and Ragini. Revati asks Divya to get juice for Parag. Parag gives gift box to Ragini. Divya brings juice and her phone rings with same ring tone. Parag smiles. Narad calls and his phone rings with same ring tone. He says babuji must be calling him and leaves finishing juice.

Ragini goes to her room and opens box. She sees watches for her and Anurag and then passport and envelopes. She thinks what is this photo book and papers. She speaks to Anurag’s photo romantically. Anurag enters and Ragini shows him passport and envelope and asks what is this. He sees London’s 2 tickets and scolds her if she wanted all this, he does not like this and leaves scolding. She thinks what is in these papers, why Anurag got so angry, she will ask Divya to read these papers.

Preacp: Ragini gets romantic with Anurag and dances with him.

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  3. Satya

    ragini can’t read English hence asks srishti to tell her the nature of gift given by her brother. Srishti tells her they are tickets of honeymoon to London for anurag and her. Ragini is so excited that she plans to seduce anurag. Vishnu tries to make good gestures towards srishti by bringing her milk which is rebuffed.anurag has a chat with his father about how this marriage distracts him from his progress as ragini has a lot to learn in life. Father tries to encourage him by saying that if given time she will definitely grow up. It isn’t her fault the way she has been moulded. Ragini puts on an item song and dances tomseduce anurag. The serial ends with anurag pushing her away.

  4. Abhinav Saxena

    What’s the real name of Divya

  5. Shalu Shreya

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