Agnifera 31st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Baiju Catches Revathi Red Handed But Falls For her Emotional Atyachar

Agnifera 31st July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shristi reminisces Baiju praising her and cries. Baiju thinks Shristi may not be pregnant. Revathi goes to doctor’s clinic and tries to bribe her. Doctor nervously asks her to go before anyone sees him. Baiju walks in says he saw it and was sure Shristi is not pregnant, says Revathi is caught red handed. He gives money to doctor and sends her, then confronts Revathi that he doubted her and caught her rend handed, she was a saas u got her bahu married to him to protect bahu, called him son and back-stabbed him. He went out of house to catch her. He trusts Shristi blindly and if she said no, it is no…

Baiju returns home. Shristi gets happy seeing him and runs towards him. Tere liye hum hain…plays in the background…Baiju says he came back as Revathi requested

him to return. Vishu feels shattered and walks to his room.

Baiju returns to his room and reminisces Revathi telling she considers him as son, but Vishu is her biological son and Shristi’s first husband, so she wants Baiju to go away from Shristi’s life, Shristi trusts him a lot and he should reunite Vishu and Shristi. He cries and washes his face. Revathi walks in and apologizes, says she is helpless. He says he promised to reunite Vishu and Shristi and will. Revathi praises Baiju’s sanskars and says she would have done same if he was in Vishu’s place and is blind in her son’s love. She says she wants to give him a right of giving fire to her dead body. Baiju emotionally hugs her and promises again. Revathi leaves.

Vishu walks to Shristi. Shristi asks not to talk to him. He leaves. Ragini passes by and seeing Shristi asks what is she doing here, she should be with Baiju. Shristi says Baiju came here for maa. Ragini says she should show her wife’s right on Baiju. Shristi leaves. Anurag hears their conversation and asks what is Vishu’s mistake in whatever is happening. Ragini asks what is Shristi’s mistake and says he tried to separate a daughter and father and does not have right to speak. She walks away.

Shristi walks into Baiju’s room and tries to speak. He yells at her and sends her away. She shuts door on her hand and shouts. Baiju asks if he is fine and shows concern. Shristi says she knows he does loves her and is acting. He says he is not, yells at her. She walks out crying. Anurag sees that and asks Baiju if he does not love Shristi. Baiju says preferences change with time and asks if he is not on Vishu’s side. Anurag says he is neither on Vishu nor on Baiju’s side, though he loves Vishu a lot, now the question is what Shrtisti wants.

Vishu shows medicine chart to Shristi and says she has to take them regularly and he will accompany her to doctor’s checkup. Shristi shows her disconcent and yells at him to stop worrying for her as he is nothing to him now…

Precap A woman comes to meet Baiju. Baiju runs and hugs her to make Shristi jealous.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Feel bad for vishu, jb shrishti usko cha hi nhi rhi h apni life me toh wo uski wife h bol k layi hi ku bechare ko in sab me vishu ki kua glti. H bechara pehle pagla tha or ab yadash kho chuka hai ye shrishti kisi k lyak nhi h

  2. Stupid idea of makers to make Baiju mahaan and vishu puppet of everyone else’s motives. Agar yahi karna tha to kyun lae Vishu ko vapis. Ek bura insan jiske kie ki koi mafi nahi hai use mahaan bna Rae ho. Vishu and Srishti hi best hai ye bat kyun nahi samajh pa Rae h makers. Isse acha vishu wahi rehta ya zinda hi na hota.

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