Agnifera 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Anurag Insists To Know His and Shristi’s Engagement Cancellation Truth

Agnifera 30th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Revathi requests Shristi and Ragini to go away and let them live in peace. Shristi takes Ragini away and consoles her. Sumer comes stands with them. Dulari comes yelling that her bua is very innocent and does not understand anything, it is their plan to show Anurag his and Shristi’s engagement pics. Sumer asks what does she mean. Dulari yells engagement happened and broke long ago, then why is he holding pics even now. Sumer tells Ragini that he really did not do it purposefully. Ragini holds his hand and says he is like her elder brother, it is not his mistake, it is her ill fate and she has to reap whatever she sow. Shristi consoles Shristi. Ragii asks her to go and break fast with Vishu.

Shristi goes to her room. Vishu makes her sit and serves her food. Dheere Dhere Pyar Ko Badhana

hai…song…plays in the background. She gets emotional. He says he will feed her in daadi’s way and feeds her each bite like a kid. She holds his hand and says it is for her best friend Vishu next. She then feeds Vishu.

Ragini eats food alone. Anurag comes and gives her water. She stands up and asks if he woke up, he should rest. He says he saw she is having food and no water around her, so he brought water. She asks not to put much effort. He says he is not, he is seeing her working hard since 4 days, so he will feed her. Anurag feeds her food. Dheere Dheere Pyar Ko Badhana hai…song…plays in the background. She gets emotional and coughs. He gives her water. She drinks. Thali falls. She comes out of flashback. Anurag returns in real. She gives him water. Anurag throws water and yells she is a betrayer and shouts to go. Revathi enters and yells at Ragini to get out. She gives water to Anurag. Anurag asks her again to go. Ragini walks away shattered and thinks how will she tolerate Misterji’s hatred.

Next morning, Shristi takes Daadi for breakfast and asks why she is risking her health. She asks Vishu and Divya also to have food. Dulari enters and asks Revathi to have food or at least tea. Ragini comes sadly. Ragini asks how is Anurag now. Ragini says he is resting but still angry. Vishu gives her tea. She says she is in no mood. Vishu insists. Ragini enters. Anurag comes down. Revathi shows her fake love and asks him to have breakfast. Anurag says he wants to hear truth. Ragini says she will tell truth. Revathi warns to shut up. Anurag says let her sleep. Ragini says he was engaged to Shristi at first, but then he got married to her, her babuji had brought her alliance first. He asks she means he canceled engagement with Shristi and married her, why. Shristi says she canceled engagement as she loved someone else. Anurag asks who.. Shristi says she wanted to marry Vishu.

Precap: Shristi asks Revathi to understand that only Ragini can bring back Anurag’s memory. Vishu asks Shristi if she does not love him. Revathi tells Dulari that she will create a situation where Anurag will know Ragini’s truth soon.

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  1. AngelineSalvatore

    Anurag is and will always be a selfish, self-centered,narrowminded piece of shit! I really want someone else (a boy)to enter Ragini’s life cause Anurag is a damn bas**rd! I dont ask the new boy to be already in love with Ragini, he can be just a friend, and when finally Ragini and Anurag s divorce is finalised, then they can start seeing each other, falling in love… Cause it was better that Anurag is gone!(btw love shrishti-vishu track,sweet)
    And totally hated the daydreaming part, as it gives you hope that there s still something good in Anurag… i thought we had stopped with those daydreaming nervewreking scenes… but….

  2. Frosties

    ? I feel your frustration Angeline!

    I so hate Revathi, she’s the perfect mother in law from hell! I wish Vidvan would man up and tell his wife to keep schtum? What is trouble maker Dulari still here?!???

    Anurag needs to stop throwing his toys out of his pram… so Ragini forced him into marriage but she’s taking care of him lovingly. Very wise answer from Shristi??

    Hope to see Shristi and Vishu’s relationship blossom.
    Ragini should go into gangster mode and whip Revathi and Dulari in order!

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