Agnifera 30th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Baiju Leaves Shristi’s House

Agnifera 30th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shristi cries reminiscing woman’s taunt that Shristi is Baiju’s wife, but pregnant with Vishu’s child. She drops food down. Vishu sees her and asks if she is fine. She says nothing is fine, but sure everything will be alright soon. Vishu reminisces Revathi telling it is his child. Baiju packs his bags. Shristi tries to stop him. He says he should have gone long ago. In living room, Revathi asks Anurag to call Vidhvan and find out where he and Divya are. Baiju walks down with bags and Shristi follows him. Anuraag asks where is he going. Baiju says he dreamt big and stayed here, he should not have dreamt of touching sky, he will not stay here, Shristi can stay with Vishu and walks away. Shristi stands crying. Vishu tries to console her, but she pushes him away and runs to room.


runs to his room and cries reminiscing Baiju leaving him, his support and love earlier, etc. Naina…song…plays in the background. Revathi walks to Vishu’s room and brainwashes him to use opportunity and get closer to Shristi. Vishu says Shristi loves Baiju now. Revathi says woman’s heart is like a mirror, it will love whoever’s image is seen repeatedly, so for sometime, Baiju was seen in her heart, but now Baiju has gone and he should go and show Shristi how much he loves her, she will be back to him.

Vishu walks into Shristi’s room with milk and biscuits and consoles her that Baiju left her, but he will be with her forever and will love her. She says she cannot give him anything for his sympathy. He says he is taking his right and not asking her love, he will be with her always.

Anurag consults lawyer and asks him to find some solution to keep his child away from Vikral. Lawyer says they cannot do that as Vikral is child’s grandfather, he will make a will that child has risk from Vikral. Ragini hears their conversation and confronts Anurag how can he try to stop a grandfather meeting from grandchild, he is doing wrong and she will go away from him after child birth.

Shristi continues crying and calls Baiju, but he does not pick call. Her inner self appears and says Baiju was just her friend and protected her as friend, she never considered him as her husband, her husband is Vishu….

Precap: Revathi tries to give money to doc. Doc nervously asks her to go before someone sees, she will take money later. Baiju walks in and says Revathi is trying to harm Shristi by bribing doctor, he will not let that happen.

Update Credit to: MA

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