Agnifera 2nd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Shristi and Baiju’s Brewing Romance

Agnifera 2nd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ragini warns goons to dare shoot her father, she will not spare them. She opens eyes and sees Parag standing and asks where are goons. In Mumbai, Shristi and Baiju see an old couple fight for taking selfie and help them take their pic. Couple smile at each other. Baiju says they were fighting just now and now they are smiling at each other, what is the secret. Old man asks if they are married. Baiju says yes. Old man says nok jhok is part of married life. Woman takes Baiju and Shristi’s pic.

Parag with Ragini and Anurag bring Vikral home. Parag warns guard to clear all hurdles that come between his babuji’s wheelchair and guard him 24 x 7. Vikral’s trusted guard Solid asks what about the goons who tried to attack Babuji. Parag says he will kill them and stuff sand in their

body. Anurag makes Ragini sit and gives her juice, without talking to her much. Ragini asks if he is angry on her. He says she is not taking of herself and risked her life, what if something had happened to her, what about their child. Ragini asks him not to worry,she is fine and calms him down.

Baiju returns to hotel with Shristi. He gets gift for her and thinks he will win her heart soon. In room, he gives her gift box and asks her to wear it for their night outing to a night club. Shristi opens box and gets shy seeing short dress.

Ragini chats to Select and says she wants him to guard babuji 24 x 7 and find out who the culprit is who wants to kill babju. Select assures her that he will risk his life and protect babuji and find out culprit. Ragini then feeds soup to babuji and reminds him how he was proud of her shooting skills. Ammaji comes and asks to take care of herself and baby and not exert herself Ragini says she rested well. Anurag scolds her next for being too careless regarding her health, he is worried about her and their baby. She weeps and says he would have informed her calmly. He consoles her and says hormonal imbalance happens in pregnancy. She asks what hormonium. He asks her to forget it and rest.

Baiju wearing modern attire waits for Shristi outside car. Shristi comes wearing his gifted shift dress smiling. He gets mesmerized with her beauty. She says she did not identify him in modern attire and kissing his cheek says let us go. He says he can do anything for that kiss again. They get into car and head towards night club.

Precap: Shristi is shocked to see Vishu in night club.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I didn’t see the pre cap.. but what a shock! Now the storyline should get interesting !

    1. Hi Sara, I thought the same! How Vishu looks so different, matured and a handsome young man – less boy/child as was portrayed before. I do wonder if he is not Vishu but could be mistaken identity from Shristi? Why would Vishu lead a new life and leave his life, especially when he proclaims, he cannot live without Shristi? It does not make sense. Well, it certainly will get interesting and soon we’ll find out. 🙂

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