Agnifera 29th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Shristi and Baiju’s Romantic Outing

Agnifera 29th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shristi and Baiju go on Mumbai’s sight seeing in a taxi. Shristi enjoys cool breeze. They enjoy street food. Parag in hospital signs Vikral’s party papers and assures party workers that work will be done. One worker tells Tiwari that Parag is waste and Virkal is in coma, so they should change party. Tiwari says they should get Vikral killed and take over party. Parag goes out to get medicine. Ragini asks Anurag to drop amma home as she is tired. Anurag leaves. Ragini enters Vikra;’s room and seeing him in coma reminisces his love for her and gets emotional, says he always protected, now it is her turn. She goes out to wash her face.

Baiju sees couple playing with balloons and comment city people are fools to play with balloons. Shristi says even she likes playing with balloons,

butterflies, etc. Baiju brings her balloons. Their chit chat starts.

Ragini sees hospital empty and hears peon talking to his aide that everyone is clear now, they can kill injured tiger. She runs to Vikral’s room calling bodyguards and fuming she did not get her gun here. She gets Vikral on wheelchair and hides. Peons shoot Vikral’s bed and then realize its just pillow. They think someone took Vikral out and they should kill them before they go out. Ragini runs with Vikral on wheelchair.

Shnristi coughs in crowd. Baiju goes to get her water. She walks a bit away flying her balloons. Baiju returns and gets worried for her. He then sees her and emotionally hugs. Shristi sees someone selling Alfonso mangoes and insists to buy. Seller says 250 rs/kg. Baiju gives 500 rs and asks to keep rest of money. Shristi holding mango box walks a bit says let us go back to hotel via taxi. Baiju says he gave all money to mango seller. She says she has some money. They get into taxi. Enuch asks them money. Seh says she has money only to pay taxi, he/she can take mangoes instead and gives box to her/him. Baiju thinks he will gain her trust again soon.

Ragini takes Vikral wearing apron and stethoscope. Goons pass by thinking her as doc, but then they see her running and follow her. She hides in morgue, they check and walk out thinking what will they say Tiwari. Ragini runs out again. They find her and point gun on them from both sides. Ragini warns if something happens to her babuji, she will not spare them. They point gun at Vikral.

Precap: Tiwari tells Ragini time changes in politics very soon, everyone wants to become party president, he is ready. Ragini scolds him to get out.
Baiju gets flowers for Shristi. She kisses his cheek.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. When baiju is going to start loving shistri, vishu will be back and she will go back to him. That is going to be Baijus real punishment: to have to leave her loved one because her first husband is back.

    1. Mona146

      but isnt it too soon for their romance to start. aur to aur he looks quite younger to her.

  2. Summer

    I think Baiju will eventually fall in love with Shristi and see’s the good in her. He will learn a lot from her and become a better man. As for Shristi, she will recognise that Baiju is making effort and does feel remorse for his past actions and genuinely wants to change for the better. She will recognise that Baiju is trying to better himself as a person; including self development to improve to his career prospect, so he does not go back to his old behaviour, roaming around bullying hard working citizens, taking their hard earnings. Eventually, I can see Shristi starting to see good in him and gradually falling for him. When Shristi finally loves Baiju, I will not be surprised if Vishu makes an appearance and this leaves Shristi in yet another dilemma in life.

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