Agnifera 28th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Inebriated Kishan, Agni, Sakshi’s Drama

Agnifera 28th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inebriated Kishan, Agni, and Sakshi reach home and when Vaishali opens door, they touch Vaishali’s feet and continue their senseless talk. They walk into Daadi and Yashi’s room and create havoc. Yashi and Daadi get afraid thinking someone barged into house. Kishan touches Yashi’s feet hiding. Yashi days rats have barged into home. Kishan comes out. Their drama continues.

Kishan gets injured during their drama. Daadi and Yashi get worried for him. Agni asks Sakshi to treat Kishan’s injury. Sakshi says she is not a doctor. Vaishali says she is so inebriated t hat she forgot that she is a doctor. KD asks them to go and rest now. They walk to Kishan’s room and continue their drama and fall asleep on bed together. Next morning, they wake up and find themselves on Kishan’s bed. Agni and Sakshi’s verbal spat starts again. Kishan shouts at them to stop. Their drama continues.

Precap: Devi says Agni is inspector and has to go to even bars. Yashi says even Sakshi was present there and they all 3 were heavily inebriated. KD says Pandit will come to inform about 5th test. Sameer flirts with Agni.

Update Credit to: MA

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