Agnifera 27th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Shristi’s Dilemma and Revathi’s Evil Plans

Agnifera 27th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vishu checks Shristi’s lab report and says Shristi is pregnant. Shristi is shocked and tells doctor she cannot be pregnant. Doctor says she herself got sample tested and report is right. Shristi says she will get lab test again. Dulari asks Shristi what is a problem if married women gets pregnant. Revathi says Dulari is right, Shristi should accept truth. Shristi gets nauseous and runs to washroom, Ragini accompanies her. Dulari says her vomiting proved she is pregnant and no need for third test, congratulates Daadi for becoming great grandmother. Ragini says Shristi is vomiting due to tension. Revathi says it is pregnancy and with her experience, reminiscing mixing medicine in Shristi’s juice.

Shristi walks to her room. Baiju follows her. She says he must be wanting to ask question,

but she just wants to tell that their relationship is above all this for her and she is loyal. Ragini walks to her room and calls doctor, but she does not pick call. She then picks he ultrasound report and tears them. Anurag asks what is she doing. Ragini then calls doctor and again and says she does not need treatment as she feels she is not pregnant, like her devraani was proved pregnant falsely. She then walks to Shristi and encourages her that she is on right path and should not deter, she will get her retested and prove she is not pregnantt. Baiju says no need for that and walks away.

Vishu sits sadly in his room. Revathi walks into his room and brainwash him that he need not worry as Shristi’s baby is his, shows him mangalsutra and says Shristi did not remove it when his death news came, she forced her to remove it as per rituals, but Shristi always considered him as husband. Vishu asks what about Baiju. Revathi says Shristi married him for protection. Vishu sits confused. Revathi walks out. Dulari asks her why she is confusing Vishu. Revathi says she is clearing his thoughts.

Ragini feeds soup to Vikral and tells what is happening at home. Vikral shows her paapers. She reads it is his will that he wants his property’s 10% each be given to his wife and son and rest 80% to Anurag and Ragini’s child. Anurag hears that and thinks he wants his child to keep away from Vikral and has to do something.

Eunuchs enters Vidhvan’s house singing and tell Vishu that she danced when he was born and now will dance when his child will be born. Neighbor lady enters and says Shristi has 2 husbands, now present one is Baiju, whose child is this now…Draama continues..

Precap: Baiju leaves house angrily. Shristi runs behind him crying. Anurag asks advocate to suggestion solution how to keep his child away from Vikral. Advocate says they can prove child has risk from Vikral. Ragini hears that.

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