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Agnifera 27th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anurag gets romantic with Ragini. She says Parag will come. He says let him. She says parents will see. He says let them, he does not care. Vikral comes and asks if she liked house. Anurag part ways nervously and says house is really nice and says credit for his success goes to his wife Ragini and he wants to build a similar house for her. Vikral blesses him and says he will build bigger house for betaji/Ragini. Vani says they have to go to a particular temple for pooja and it is important.

Shekhar speaks to his aide who informs that Vikral’s family is going to temple. Shristi comes and asks what temple. Shekhar says client is going to particular temple. Shristi says even she has to go to same temple with Vishu as per Vidhvan’s requests and she considers him as father. Shekhar thinks

he needs to execute his plan carefully while Shristi is present there.

Shristi informs Poonam what happened at office and how Shekhar took her side. Poonam says Shekhar is a hero. Shristi reminisces how he confronted Parag and then tells how Vishu slapped Parag and reminisces incident. She laughs.

Ragini after bath forges her clothes in room and comes out draping towel to pick it. She hides behind sofa when Anurag walks in. Anurag sits on sofa and reads paper. She silently runs into bathroom. Anurag notices her and walks out saying he is going for a walk. Ragini peeps from bathroom and thinks good he went out, else she would have to spend night here.. Anurag returns and shows her clothes and says she can ask her instead of spending night in bathroom. Ragini thinks he can hear her mind. He asks her to request and says please misterji. She says no. He says then fine, she can stay in bathroom. She angrily says please misterji. He asks her to tell he is perfect and best. She repeats angrily and takes clothes. Revati calls him and reminds about nagpanchami pooja and Ragini should fast for his long life. He says he will inform Ragini. She asks to give her love to Ragini. He throws flying kiss at Ragini and disconnects call. He asks Ragini to eat as she needs to fast tomorrow. She says he is forcing decision on her. He says she has to for his long life.

Shristi gets ready next day, calls Vishu and asks if he is ready for temple, she will meet him on the way. He says he is ready and wore her family’s gifted kurta. He thinks Shristi’s anger is clearing and soon she will be back with him. Poonam says Shristi that she will serve tea and toast for breakfast. Shristi says she is fasting for Vishu as he did so much for her.

Next morning, Anurag wakes up Ragini with alarm bell. Ragini goes down and sees Vani serving breakfast to Vikral and praises if she had not married babuji, she would have been a chef at a 5 star hotel. Anurag comes. Vikral asks him to join them. Anurag says he will not have breakfast as he is fasting for Ragini’s long life. Vikral asks Ragini to fast for Anurag. Vani asks her to have juice. Anurag says it is a nirjala vrat/without water. Ragini thinks misterji punished her nicely today.

Precap: Shekhar gives Ragini and Anurag’s supari to a goon. Ragini fights with goons.

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  1. Shekhar is trouble! Shristi is smart but naive about this guy because he is a lawyer. Revati is an evil person.Her MIL needs to slap her and send her on a long pilgrimage to atone all her sins and evil thoughts. Her husband is such a nice and gentle man and I wonder how he ended up with a witch like her? I was glad Shristi agreed to go to the puja, Vishu was so happy. I sure hope Anurag is acting like he likes the goon family. Wow Vikral sure likes to beat up his son.

  2. I strongly believe anurag has found out something and he is aligning himself with vikral for a purpose. or maybe he genuinely wants to take Ragini back and in the meantime living in Rome like the romans do.

  3. I hope he has not turned greedy like his mother. His father has tried to instill good morals and values in his children.

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