Agnifera 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sakshi Spoils Agni and Kishan’s Dinner Date

Agnifera 27th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Agni gets ready in beautiful sari for a romantic dinner date with Kishan and thinks this is her first romantic date after marriage. She reaches restaurant with Kishan. Kishan happily asks if she planned this surprise for him. She says. He gets romantic with her and looks into her eyes. Agni closes eyes. Kishan sees Sakshi and panics. Agni also panics and asks if he called her. Kishan says he does not know how she came here. Sakshi starts her irritating overacting.

At home, while having dinner, KD tells family that Kishan and Agni have gone for dinner, Revathi out of town, Rithvik slept early, and Vasu busy on his laptop, where is Agni. Vaishali says she went to attend emergency patient. KD thinks she must have gone somewhere else.

Kishan asks Agni to ignore Sakshi and orders pasta and garlic bread. Sakshi orders same food and continues her weird over expressions and acting. Kishan and Agni start dancing on music. Sakshi sits jealously. A man requests to dance with him. She agrees and dances with him. He gets intimate with her and she resists. Kishan notices that and slaps man. Restaurant manager handles situation and sending man away requests Kishan and Agni not to leave as they are esteemed clients and orders to get wine for them. Sakshi says even she needs wine.

Agni walks to washoom and sees Sakshi paying man and slapping him for overacting. She returns to Kishan and informs that Sakshi tricked them and hired a man to misbehave with her. Kishan gets heavily inebriated and starts drama. Sakshi calls Vaishali and informs that their plan is working, she spoilt Agni and Kishan’s dinner date and thanks Devi for her idea. She returns to Agni and Kishan. Agni confronts that she hired a man to act. Sakshi denies. Their argument starts. Men joke that Kishan is handling 2 women. Kishan says he can’t handle even one. They all 3 get heavily inebirated.

Precap: Inebriated Sakshi asks Agni to take injured Kishan to doctor.
Agni asks her to treat Kishan. Sakshi says she is not doctor. Family is shocked hearing that. Agni and Sakshi fight to remove Kishan’s shirt and break buttons.

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