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Agnifera 26th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anurag is about to feed Ragini when Vishu chokes. Anurag changes his attention to Vishu and gives him water. Shristi asks Vishu to eat carefully. They all 4 finish food and walk out of temple. Parag holds goon and waits for car. Car comes. He asks all 4 to go in their car while he brings goon. They all 4 get into car. Anurag thinks however Ragini is, she saved them all today from goons. Shristi also thinks Vishu is insane, but tries to help her a lot.

At home, Brij is busy over phone when Parag with Narad enters holding goon. Brij asks who is this man. Parag asks to bring rope to tie goon. Revati and others come down and asks who is this goon. Ragini enters with Anurag and Vishu and tells her whole story. Anurag says Ragini saved them all today. Ragini says Mukhyayan is behind all this.

Mukhyayan enters and asks if she has any proof. Brij angrily points gun on her. Vidhvan scolds him not to take law in his hand and call police. Inspector comes and greets Ragini. Mukhyayan says inspector cannot arrest without proof. Ragini points gun at Mukhyayan next and says she will shatter her head. Mukhyayan gets worried. Shristi enters and says without proof, Mukhyayan cannot be arrested. Inspector says he came to arrest Mukhyayan on other issue and says Shiristi had filed RTI as Mukhyayan drew money for development work but did not use it. Shristi reminisces Vishu telling Mukhyayan rents their school for other work and they lose studies. Inspector tells Mukhyayan that she messed with a wrong house, it has both power and law as bahus. He arrests and takes her away. Brij says inspector is right, they have both power and law at home.

Revati tells Ragini’s bravery saved Anurag, Shristi, and Vishu. Anurag says yes, Ragini’s bravery saved them, but Shristi’’s intelligence got them justice and praises her. Ragini fumes. Anurag then goes to home temple and prays. Shristi tells she brought Ichapurti maiya’s prasad. Ragini says even she brought prasad and they both serve family. Daadi stops them and says she wants to tell one thing, they get strength with pooja, but their good will fulfills their wishes. They both should bond together and solve problems together.

Ragini takes Parag to her room and asks how is it. He says it is fine, but if everything is alright between her and Anurag. She says yes. He says why she saved them all, but everyone was praising Shristi instead. Ragini says Shristi is her biggest problem.

Precap: Ragini gives money for Anurag’s project. Anurag throws it and says he does not value it. Vishu creates electronic gadgets. Anurag’s friends misake Shristi as Anurag’s wife. Ragini comes wearing weird colorful clothes.

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  1. All women r powerful in this serial.

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