Agnifera 26th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Baiju and Ragini Rescue Diya

Agnifera 26th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rocky gives spiked drink to Divya. She drinks it and feels drowsy. Her friend Khushboo asks if she is fine. Divya says yes. Rocky walks to Divya and asks her to go and rest in room. His friends take her up to room. Khushboo asks Rocky where is Divya. Rocky says he sent Diya home as she was not feeling well. Khushboo believes him. Ragini with Baiju enters and asks Khushboo where is Divya. Khushboo says she went home. Baiju asks if she saw Divya going. Khushboo says no and leaves. Ragini says let us go, they may find Divya on the way. Baiju says he feels something wrong, Khushboo did not see Diya going out. Rocky with his friends asks Divya to relax and she falls asleep. His friends say they will toss and whoever wins toss will romance Divya. Rocky says it is his party and he will romance

Divya, asks friends to record video properly, he will use it to blackmail Divya.

Baiju and Ragini continue searching Diya. Rocky’s friend Sneha sees them and messages Rocky. Baiju identifies seeing her in Divya’s coaching class and asks where is Divya. Sneha asks who Divya. Baiju reminds her. She says Divya went home. Rocky gets intimate with Divya and asks friends to record video well. His friends inform that Divya’s family has reached. Rocky says he does not mind and will finish his act before they reach here. Baiju feels something is wrong again and walks to room. He breaks door and enters. Rocky and finds hide. Baiju says how can door be locked from inside, someone was here. Ragini says door must be jammed. Baiju leaves with her. Rocky continues his heinous act. Baiju sees Divya’s bag and reminisces seeing dupatta beside bed. He tells Ragini he feels he saw something in room and rushes there. They are shocked to see Rocky on Divya, and Baiju trashes Rocky and his friends royally. Ragini says Divya is unconscious, let us go from here. Baiju lifts Diya and leaves from there.

Revathi tries to call Baiji and Divya and gets tensed when they don’t pick call. Baiju walks in lifting Divya and takes her to her room. Whole family gets worried. Ragini informs whole incident. Anurag shouts he will not spare Rocky. Brij says he will crush Rocky. Ragini says she already complained police and got Rocky arrested. Divya emotionally apologizes Baiju for misunderstanding him. Baiju says he is like her brother. Revathi says he is and gets emotional, even Vidhvan says Baiju has taken Vishu’s place now.

Ragini back to her room describes how Baiju punished Rocky and his goons and even she punished them. Their nok jhok starts. Anurag apologizes her and says I love you. She hugs him and thinks if she had informed him what she escaped narrowly during fight, he would have been tensed, she should be careful.

Precap: Baiju says she saw Munni Bai written on Shristi’s forearm. Shristi shows her forearm. Ragini learns tying daiper to doll and asks Anurag to learn. He says it is not a rocket science and is very easy. Ragini asks to demonstrate then.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Is Baiju sincerely sorry or another plot??

    1. Even if he is really sorry, he is only being nice because his mom was saved by shistri. He doesn’t love shistri yet.

      Also, I am pretty sure Vishu will be back before they get closer as a married couple.

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