Agnifera 26th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Revathi Makes Vishu Believe He Is Shristi’s Child’s Father

Agnifera 26th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baiju reads Shristi’s lab report and informs family that Shristi is pregnant. Revathi and Daadi congratulate Shristi and happily say they will play with 2 grandsons together. Baiju says Vidhvan and Brij would have danced in happiness if they were hear, but who is baby’s father, Vishu or Baiju. Shristi stands shocked. Vishu angrily leaves. Dulari continues her doubts. Everyone walks away. Revathi scolds Dulari for her drama, then praises her and ask to continue this baby and father’s confusion repeatedly.

Ragini and Anurag argue in front of Vikral. Ragini says she knows Shristi well, she will not do anything wrong. Anurag says it is a good news and instead of getting happy, Ragini is angry. Ragini says she wants to shoot doctor who prepared false report, but Anurag took away her gun. Anurag says she should feed sweet to doctor instead. Their argument continues. Vikral raises his hand. Ragini gets happy seeing that.

Shristi tries to explain Baiju that she is not pregnant and she considers him as her husband. Baiju says he does not want to talk about it and is confused. In Vishu’s room, he fumes thinking Shrihsti betrayed him. Revathi walks in acts as consoling him and says he and Shristi wre together that night, so baby must be his. Vishu says he does not remember what happens at night after having heavy dose of medications. Revathi continues.

Anurag and Ragini’s argument continues. Anurag says Shristi should get retested. Ragini says Shristi is well educated and will not agree. Anurag says it will clear everyone’s doubt. Vikral raises his hand again. Ragini gets happy.

Anurag insists Shristi to get her lab test redone. Ragini insists Shristi not to. Shristi agrees and says if family’s doubt will be cleared, she is ready. Doctor comes and takes her blood and urine samples. Family eagerly waits for doctor. Dulari’s comments continue in between. Doctor returns and says she was present in lab during sample testing. Vishu reads report and says Shristi is pregnant.

Precap: Ragini angrily tears her ultrasound reports. Eunuch tells Vishu he danced when Vishu was born, now he will dance for Vishu’s son. Evil lady says Shirsti’s husband is Baiju.

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  1. Summer

    I think eventually the truth will reveal itself. This is part of Revathi plan – i think due to the change in Vishu character, Shristi will eventually realise that it is Baiju she loves. I don’t think Shristi is really pregnant, unless of course Shristi also got intimate with Baiju?!

    It has been a while since Vishu made an appearence, so surely, if she is with child, she would have realised. Ragini was certainly speedy from moment to conception followed by news!

  2. Stop this show koyki aaj k time m kisi kihimat nai ki kisi lawyer ladki k sath ye sab kar sake unko power k a andaza b nai hai. Iss show m lawyer girls ki bezti kar rhe hai.

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