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Agnifera 26th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Parag points gun Shristi and warns her to stay away from Shekhar. She says she is not afraid of him and tries to snatch gun. He pushes her down. Vishu holds her and slaps Anurag shouting how dare he is to touch his wife. Parag warns him to stay away, he does not know anything. Vishu says if he touches his wife again, he will slap him again. Parag says he is alive as his Ragini donated him blood. Narad asks Vishu to stay away, it is not meant for made people. Vishu says he is mad. Shristi yells again. Parag points gun at her again. Shekhar frees himself and hits Parag. Parag hits him back shouting how dare he is to hit Vikral Singh’s son. Narad stops him and asks to calm down, it is court issue. Shekhar takes advantage and overpowers Parag. Parag overpowers again and points gun again.


walks with Anurag thinking what Parag must be doing with Shekhar, she needs to stop him. She excuses Anurag and walks when she hears bullet sound and rushes to Sehakar’s cabin. Anurag also rushes there. They see Shekhar and Parag’s fight and stops tem. Shristi yells it is all Ragini and her family’s plan and their main business is goondagari and looting people. Ragini asks to mind her language. Anurag also tells Shristi that Ragini is with her since 4 days and did not speak to Parag at all. Shekhar yells that Ragini stole someone’s husband on gunpoint and married him. Ragini angrily slaps him. He tries to slap her back, but Anurag holds his hand and warns dare not to touch his wife. Shekhar says even he sold himself to Vikral. Anurag holds his collar and warns to be in his limits. Shristi yells to leave Shekhar. Anurag says she is wrong this time and not Ragini. Shekhar challenges that he will fight against Vikral at any cost. Anurag takes Ragini from there.

Shristi walks in court corridor hurriedly. Vidhvan stops her and says his amma took oath to get nagpanchami pooja by her and Vishu if Vishu gets well, so she should come home and do pooja. Shristi agrees and hurriedly walks out. She goes to Shekhar’s cabin and nurses his wound. Shekhar yells Anurag is also supporting Vikral’s family. Shristi says he does not know complete issue, else he supports only truth. Shekhar badmouths about Anurag’s family and thinks he will get Shristi away from Vishu and marry her.

Anurag and Ragini with Parag and Narad reach Vikral’s new house. Vikral scolds and beats Parag. Anurag calms him down and asks to start graha pravesh pooja. Pandit does pooja and says they can enter house now. Vikral gives keys to Anurag and Ragini and asks to open door. They do and walk in. Anurag gets romantic with her and says let us do new in new house. She angrily pushes him and says this is her father’s house. He says that is why he is asking her to do something new. She walks away pushing him. Drama continues.

Precap: Anurag tells Vikral that he is fasting today as it is auspicious for couple to fast during nagpanchami. Vikral asks Ragini also to fast.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This story is illogical when did Anurag start liking/ loving his wife and her goon family? I cannot stand Ragini she still does not see or care how she ruined Shristi’s life. She is a spoiled, jealous,selfish brat that cannot see Shristi’s dilemma in their sassural home. I think Vishu is a better person than Anurag although he is mentally challenged. Anurag is now accepting the thug life I guess, everything his dad hates. Shekhar is trouble for Shristi and she cannot she it yet and I hope she finds out soon.

    1. alizha Kapoor

      Hi helen.. am agree with you .. shristi is innocent.. i love her more than ragini.. why should Anurag suddenly changed ? why he is against shristi for ragini ? shristi is good as well .. on the whole of them the one shristi who is really poor ? am feeling bad for shristi .. Anurag can’t do this to shristi .. its not shristi’s mistake that anurag helplessness doing him to get married ragini .. why everyone getting favor to ragini .. bcz of her wealth .. this is not fair ..

  2. Annette menezes

    Yes yesterday episode I hated Ragini. I think Anurag is loving her with some hidden intention. It is not real love.

  3. Summer

    Hi Everyone,
    I found it astounding how someone can totally do a 360 degree turn from being resentful to sudden love. It is not realistic or believable! I find Ragini character thuggish, she has no grace or common manners. She lacks reasoning skills, insecurity which leads to her unfounded jealousy of Shristi. The writers try to portray Ragini to be a strong woman in her own right. To be frank, I don’t see this as strength. I see this as weakness. To throw your weight around, going around threatening people, making loud noises and using a weapon to exert your power, undermines the very ‘strength’ the creators try to portray. This only underlines her inferior complex, insecurity and lack of human grace.
    Anurag character is fickle, like his Mother- Revati. I do wonder what his motive is though? Is he aware that the investor who forcely took over the lands is only his FIL and the reason he faced obstacles only because of his ‘wife’?
    I did not appreciate how Ragini told Vishu to stay out of it, belittling his capability of comprehending the situation in hand. Shristi had it right, why is Vishu not allowed to support her when Anurag blindly supports her? Ragini accusation towards Shristi was below the belt, but all stem from her own insecurities. Despite being faced with a difficult situation, Shristi managed to maintain grace, paitence and reasoning skills. Would be very nice to see Vishu become more assertive to support Shristi and ‘not’ to accept Ragini or others to insult his intelligence when differences occurs.
    Thank goodness Revati rants were kept to a minium!

  4. Hi Summer and everyone
    Thankfully dulari too is out ! otherwise the nosie pollution of Bua – bhatiji was so screeching awful!
    The episode saw Srishti losing complete control.she has had it. Specially when it was so cheap of Narad to taunt Vishu that he is alive because of ragini’s blood donation! Have you guys noticed that while all this violent drama was going on not a single cop was around!

    1. Summer

      Hi Satya,

      Indeed! Generally if there is a commotion as such, you would expect staff to investigate and diffuse the situation. There was violence , raised voices, gun shots and slapping all happening in the corridoor and not one member of staff came to inquire, instead by-standing continuing their usual business.

  5. Even if we consider no one wanted to mess with vikral and his brood at least people would have come forward to help injured Shekhar after Parag left with his gun and goons.

  6. It did occur to me that Anurag is putting on an act to get revenge on Ragini and her family. They forced him to marry her holding his family at gun point, the son ruined his business deal threatning the investors and the father stole his land for his latest deal. Not to mention his father really does not like the idea of a goon’s daughter as his educated son’s wife. I think he may be seeking revenge, hopefully he really does not fall for her or else he is no better than her and her family. He does appear to be weak.

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