Agnifera 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kishan’s Mothers Decide His Engagement

Agnifera 25th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Agni nurses Kishan’s injury and thanks him for saving daadi risking his life, he bought her by this act. He says she bought him instead. She asks what. He says he performed his duty and cannot see anyone in trouble. Agni says she is indebted with his kind gesture and will give him whatever he asks. He asks whatever…She says yes. He nervously says he wants to and says he needs her friendship. Agni laughs. He says yes, he needs her friendship. Agni agrees.

Sakshi at her fake hospital explains her aide how Revati daadi was attacked, how Kishan saved her, and police arrested thief. Aide asks how dare thief is to attack Sakhshi bhai’s daadi. Another aide brings doctor and says he brought Patna’s biggest hospital’s biggest doctor on bhai’s order. Sakshi starts

her bhaigiri and showing Kishan’s mother’s medical files and asks to suggest treatment. Doctor checks files and says there is no hope in this case. Sakshi continues yelling and says where there is no hope, she enters, she will try auntyji at any cost. She goes to Kishan and explains him that his mother has spinal cord issue, her umbilical cord is not connecting with spinal cord, hence she is not getting proper blood supply, but she will cure his mother in 6 months. She gives him ball and says his mother will be batting and he bowling for her in 6 months. Kishan happily hugs her. Daadi notices that and gets very happy thinking Kishan loves Sakshi.

Kishan’s both mothers discuss about Kishan’s alliance. Elder one thinks about Agni while younger one Yashi thinks about Agni. They both show their favorite gifts. Daadi in her room dances on bhangra song. Bahus enter and discuss about Kishan’s alliance and decide Kishan’s engagement tomorrow.

Kishan goes to kitchen and sees Agni there serving him halwa. He says he likes sweeter halwa and if she can taste it to make it more sweeter. She does. He then realizes it is his imagination. Agni walks in. Kishan thinks he is imagining her and says she is seen everywhere. She asks what is he talking about. Their nok jhok starts. Kishan continues expressing his love nervously, but Sakshi does not understand his gesture.

Precap: Kishan’s mothers suprise him with engagement announcement, elder one says he is getting engaged to Sakshi, younger one says Agni. Kishan says he loves Agni

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