Agnifera 25th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Divya Gets Trapped By Her Classmate Rocky

Agnifera 25th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Divya is in her class room listening to professor’s lecture. During break, Divya gets busy studying. Fellow spoilt brat student Rocky asks his friend to eye on any girl except Divya as she is very innocent and only he will make her fall in his fake love. He throws rocket on Divya and apologies that his friend threw it by mistake. She says okay and gets busy studying again. After classes, Rocky invites Divya to his fake birthday party at home. She says she does not like parties. He says he invited 3-4 friends only and it is a low key party. Divya says no thank you.

Ragini is busy in her room when Anurag enters holding lots of gifts for baby and loudly speaks. Ragini asks him to speak slowly, their would be baby chota Singh got afraid. He shows her all gifts and fruits he bought for her.

She says she alone will have them all for her and her baby, he brought whole store. Anurag says he can do anything for his chota singh and loves him a lot. Ragini asks him to think how much his mom loves him and what she did was in his love. He says he asked Baiju to pick Divya from college and walks out.

Baiju reaches college and sees Divya speaking to Rocky. He tells Divya that Anurag sent him to bring her home. Divya yells it is better to go with stranger than him. He warns her against Rocky, but she does not listen to him and accepts Rocky’s party. Baiju returns home and informs Shristi whole story and asks her to stop Divya as Rocky is a bad guy. Shristi as usual does not trust him and yells he does not know friendship as never attended school. He says she is right, but he is a goon and knows people like Rocky, so they should stop Divya from attending Rocky’s party. Shristi yells and does not agree.

Dulari serves tea to Revathi and drops it on her. Anurag passes by and gets concerned, runs to her calling maa and asking if she is fine. Revathi gets emotional. Anurag reminisces Revathi trying to separate him and Ragini and walks away angrily. Dulari apologizes Revathi. Revathi says her mistake got Anurag to look at his mother.

Rocky’s party starts. Divya enters party venue. His girlfriends and friends praise him for trapping tough nut Divya. Rocky says trapping girls is an art. Divya greets him. At home, Baiju decides to go himself and meets Ragini on the way. He tells her whole story. She says even she will accompany him. He says she is pregnant and should not stress herself. Ragini insists. They leave to bring Divya. Baiju spikes drink and serves it to Divya. Divya collapses. They take her to a room. Baiju and Diya reach party venue and ask about Divya. Rocky’s girlfriends say Diya left long ago.

Precap: Rocky with his friends takes unconscious Divya to a room and
gets intimate with her.

Update Credit to: MA

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