Agnifera 24th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Ragini is Attacked By Rivals, Baiju Saves Her

Agnifera 24th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Revathi sees Shristi and Baiju’s romantic gaze and getting jealous interferes and asks Shristi to go and attend Vishu as he is calling doctor. Shristi says she is fine and does not need doctor and walks towards Vishu. Revathi informs Baiju to inform Anurag that she is taking Vikral to hospital and with Solid takes Vikral out on wheelchair. Phone rings. Baiju sees Solid’s phone and goes to return him. Ragini walks out near car when rival goons enter and point gun at Raini.

Anurag clean his room murmuring Ragini messed whole room. Shristi joins him and helps. Anurag says Ragini is equal to 100 students and she messes up whole class. Shristi says Ragini is very daring. Anurag says give her essay to write and see how she shivers. Shristi finds a cartoon sketch and says Ragini drew

her masterji’s sketch. Anurag says it is not him. Shristi says it is student’s sketch for her master.

Gooons point gun at Ragini and warn to get ready to die now. Baiju walks from behind, points gun at goons and shoos them away. He then takes Ragini and Vikral to hospital. Ragini thanks him. Baiju says until he is there, nobody can harm his family. At home, Anurag with whole family waits for Ragini. Ragini returns and asks Anurag where is her gun. Anurag says he took out gun, she took her father to hospital, why she needs gun. Baiju says bhabhi was attacked, it is good he went there on time and saved her. Ragini says he would have found her dead if Baiju had not saved her. Anurag says whole family does not like her violent behavior. Vidhvan says she is fine by god’s grace and should calm down. Ragini confronts Anurag that he is blaming his father’s upbringing. Shristi says Anuarag is right and Ragini should calm down and think. Ragini shouts even she is taking Ragini’s side. Baiju says gun is necessary wherever Ragini goes, whether she uses it or not. Anurag yells at him to stay away as it is his family issue and scolds Ragini that she is taking Baiju’s side as he helps her in her wrong deeds. Ragini says she will \not inform anyone whatever she does from hereon and walks away. Baiju confronts Shristi that she did not stop Anurag when he told him stranger, if he had not gone there, family would have been mourning.

Ragini stops talking to family. Shristi serves her milk and tries to speak. Ragini takes milk and does not speak to her. Anurag tries and even he fails. Shristi gives Ragini a sorry card and says she did not speak since 10 days. Shristi smiles. Baiju and Vishu see Shristi feeling drowsy and collapsing. They both run, Vishu lifts her and Baiju asks him to lie her on sofa. Doctor checks her and says it looks like stress and tiredness, she has taken her blood for test and will prescribe once blood test returns. Revathi asks Ragini to get her checkup also. Ragini says she will go to clinic later. Revathi scolds Shristi to take care of her and go and rest. Shristi leaves. Revathi pampers Vishu. Baiju sees that and gets jealous.

Precap: Baiju gives milk to Shristi. Vishu throws it and shouts if he wants to make Shristi ill. Revathi tells Dulari that she wants to see Vishu and Shristi together at any cost. Baiju reads Shristi’s blood report that she is pregnant. Revathi congratulates Shristi.

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  1. Shistri should be 3-4 months pregnant for this to make sense. How did she not realize it before? Any woman could suspect she is pregnant in all that time with no period and get a test done. Anyways… I guess this is the end of baiju then since she is pregnant with visu’s child.

  2. I had missed old episodes. Did Srishti and Vishu consummate their marriage. If no, then it could be Revati’s trick to separate Srishti and Baiju.

    1. Summer

      HI Satya, Shristi and Vishu did consummated their marriage on their honeymoon, then soon after tragedy struck! I think Baiju have really developed feelings for Shristi and he is compromising so much to make Shristi happy. However, it is tricky one, as Vishu now exists, would this make her marriage to Baiju null? As she married Vishu first?
      It will be interesting to see how the story develops. I don’t really mind which either one she pairs with, i just hope that when Vishu has his memory restored, he does not revert back to infant behaviour and child-like mannerisms.

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