Agnifera 24th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajjo Arrested/Revathi Apologizes Shristi

Agnifera 24th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ragini informs family that Rajjo is actually Vishu’s first wife Rajeshwari. She goes into flashback where young Vidhvan and Revathi fix kid Vishu’s wedding with Vidhvan’s friend’s daughter baby Rajeshwari and performs their engagement. Rajeshwari asks Vishu to get stuck ball from tree for her. He climbs and falls down. They rush Vishu to doc who informs that Vishu may be not be mentally sound from hereon. Revathi breaks Vishu and Rajeshwari’s relationship and leaves. People badmouth about Rajeshwari that she is inauspicious. Out of flashback, Rajjo confronts Vidhvan that her father made many calls and even came to meet him, but he did not, he spoilt his family,
so she decided to kill Vishu and make Vidhvan feel the same pain that her family went through. Vikral calls inspector who arrests Rajjo and takes her away.

Vidhvan says he is proud to have bahus like Ragini and Shristi and though they are Virkal and Purshottam’s biological daughters, they are his daughters now. He hugs them both and blesses. Revathi apologizes Shristi and thanks her for saving Vishu. Shristi hugs Ragini and thanks her. Vishu hugs Brij who walks away emotionally. Daadi says he is feeling guilty for trying to marry his nephew’s wife. Vidhvan says Brij will be alright soon.
Dulari praises Ragini and Shristi. Divya thanks Ragini for saving Vishu followed by Vishu himself. Shristi thanks Vikral for giving a sister like Ragini and bless her to give at least 1% courage like Ragini. Vikral says she will get 100% blessings. Vidhvan thanks Vikral next. Family’s reunion continues.

Vikral feels guilty that his friend’s family destroyed because of him. Revathi consoles him. Ragini walks to a dark room when Anurag calls him and gets happy seeing surprises for her. Anurag says he is lucky to have her in his life and wants her in his life every life. Their romance continues..

Precap: Vishu/Shristi and Anurag/Ragini’s romance on a romantic song.

Update Credit to: MA

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