Agnifera 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Romance Kindles Between Ragini/Anurag and Vishu/Shristi

Agnifera 23rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dulari leaks gas in kitchen and waits for Shristi to switch on light and burst kitchen. Sumer smells gas on time and switches off stove knobs and takes Shristi out of kitchen. Dulari escapes. Shristi says it was very dangerous, she did not switch on gas at all. Sumer request s her to call papa. She calls from her number and says it is her. Purshotam says he remembers her number, but thinks she forgot his number. She says no. They bond well.

Ragini, Anurag, Vishu, Shristi, Divya, Sumer play cards. Shristi cheats. Sumer catches her and says she always cheats since childhood. Shristi asks not to reveal her secret in front of everyone. Vishu asks is it. Shristi says he always used to lose. Sumer says because he wanted her to win. Anruag says he unfortunately cannot remember his childhood. Shristi says he used to love sweets a lot and gives him Laddoo. Anurag tastes laddoo and says taste is identifiable. Sumer says his mother used to prepare sweets for Anurag. Anruag asks how. Shristi says her father is Anurag’s family’s lawyer. Anurag asks what else he likes. Vishu says he likes crackers and is expert. Ragini says she is more expert and nobody can compete her in firing. Anurag asks what… She says cracker gun and challenges him for a competition. Sumer says he will go now as maa asked to return before pooja.

Daadi gathers whole family and does diwali pooja. Revathi gives gift box to Vishu and he hesitantly accepts it looking at Shristi. Family starts burning fire crackers next. Dulari silently keeps cracker bomb packet in box and thinks Shristi escaped gas leak and will not escape now. Anurag reminds Ragini of their challenge. Their romantic nok jhok starts. Divya alerts them. Dulari burns cracker thread and silently watches from a distance. Shristi goes to get crackers. Cracker bomb packet bursts and Shristi’s sari catches file. Vishu panics and asks family to save Shrisit. He gets blanket and wraps Shristi.

Precap: Vishu sees Shristi’s burn injuries and gets concerned. Anurag and Ragini’s romantic nain matakka starts.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Summer

    Dulari is really a nasty peace of work! Her petty point scoring and need to seek revenge makes her ignorant and narrow-minded. I really hope the truth of Dulari will be revealed before the rest of the family, her attempt to cause an explosion in the kitchen and cause of Shristi sari catching fire. Will be glad to see the back of her; such a despicable character.
    Thanks MA for such speedy and fantastic update. 🙂

  2. Thank you MA for the update. Summer i cannot agree more, Dulariis a Psychopathic lunatic and it is way past the time she was gone. I cannot stand her and the MIL.

    1. Summer

      Hi Mala,
      Good to see you comment 🙂 How are you? You have described Dulari well- psychopath! lol How someone can behave with such malice is beyond me? Revathi notices her but i doubt she will do anything! I am so looking forward to her exit! Her character is truly horrid, besides does she have no shame residing at her Aunt’s for so long? Yet, she has the audacity to create havoc and ruin peace and harmony of the household.

      1. Hi, Summer, i am well::-) thanks for asking.

  3. Dulari is very bad and selfish and she can do anything to take revenge fron Shristi. Very romantic scene is shown in precap.

  4. I like to read telly updates instead watching episode. Dulari is very selfish and she can do anything to take revenge fron Shristi. Yukti/Raagini paly her role very nicly and I want to read all the telly updates of show ‘Agnifera’. Very romantic scene is shown in precap between Shristi and Vishu and Rangini and Anurag in precap.

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